News Flash! Truthbook renews itself

Greetings Truthbook friends, subscribers, and supporters,

With joy, the team at is happy to announce the launch of our new and improved website, available now. If you scroll down you'll see the new and enhanced features that help bring the teachings of The Urantia Revelation to life. With the deepest appreciation and gratitude, thanks to all of you who helped build and improve the site!!!

New and enhanced features:

::: The first major difference is that the website will auto-expand to fit any screen size.

* Number 1: Another big difference is that all of the website's navigation is now permanently on the left-hand side of the page. No matter where you are in the site, you should not lose your navigation. The left-hand index navigation expands to show sub-directories when clicked. Feel free to play with these links to get the hang of them. When you become familiar, you are certain to discover new areas of the site with this new and improved indexing system.

* Number 2: On the front page of the site, you will notice a fourth column on the right. The top half of this column has banner images that can link to various parts of our site, or to assist with promoting issues on other sites. (If one wants one to use this facility to promote another site, or has a burning issue to promote, please contact )

* Number 3: Underneath these right-hand banners in the fourth column, you will see links to various pages on our site. These links are served up at random every time one visits the page, or refreshes the page.

* Number 4: In a similar fashion, one will see at the top of the page a graphic that links to a movie. This graphic will also change every time one visits or refreshes the page.

* Number 5: In the top-right corner of the front page, you can see links to our blog articles. These too, will be refreshed regularly.

* Number 6: And in the top-left, the familiar links to The Urantia Book. Just move your mouse over them and click.

There are many new things on the site that we will be notifying you about over the next few weeks. Some of these things are already on the site, and some are yet to be added to the site. Please feel free to enjoy the adventure of discovering the new things before we tell you about them. This will also help you to get used to how the new site works.

A word of warning: The site is now pictorially intense. We have added many new pictures and upgraded many old pictures. You are sure to be surprised!

We invite all of you to feel free to explore this new and improved site. Please dig in and dig deep. If you should find any links which are not working, please drop us a letter at and tell us about it. We have worked long and hard to make it all work, but there are certain to be things that we have overlooked. So, please don't hesitate to communicate if you find something amiss.

We all hope you will enjoy the new site. In the near future, you will be receiving more announcements regarding other new features that we are working on to further enhance and improve your experience.

Upward and inward,

The team