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Announcements is pleased to announce a new Collection in our Gallery, entitled, What Would Jesus Do? It is based on a popular series we have done for Quote of the Day.

The entire series contains 56 images and quotes from The Acme of Religious Living and As Jesus Passed By, two wonderful sections in The Urantia Book on Jesus’ matchless balance and character.

If you haven’t visited our Gallery Collections you may want to do that. They include the Angels Collection, the Jesus Collection, the Astronomy Collection, the Illustrated Urantia Book Collection, and the Best of Quote of the Day Collection. Each Collection includes great art or photographs matched with quotes from The Urantia Book.

We are constantly adding stories to our Heartwarming and Humorous Stories page, as well as to How The Urantia Book Changed My Life.

We also have regular new entries to Answers to Life’s Toughest Questions and our FAQ. All of which can be accessed from TruthBook’s Home Page.

We have now added a feature that allows visitors to easily identify the newest stories and answers to these popular pages. Remember that any Heartwarming or Humorous Story can be easily forwarded to a friend with a personalized message.

Here is one of our favorites that can be found on the Humorous Stories page:

God & Peace

No God, No Peace.

Know God, Know peace.


The Quote of the Day is now being distributed to 5,000 subscribers. Thank you so much for your help with this. The subscription list grows daily and we know it’s because you send the quotes as e-cards to your friends.

However, relatively few people are rating the quotes. Of the 5,000 that go out, only 200 – 300 people rate them. We depend on the rating system to know if we are doing a good job with these. To rate the daily quote, simply page down below the image and select the number 5 on the rating bar. (Just kidding!) Select from 1 to 5, 5 being the best and 1 being dismal. You can also easily leave a comment for us too and read the comments of others, just select “Post Your Comments.”

We are deeply grateful for the many positive comments we get regarding Quote of the Day. We typically hear comments like, “It makes my day.” This is exactly what we strive for.

Noteworthy Book

Did you know that General Duane Faw’s Paramony, published by Uversa Press, is now available to purchase through Truthbook’s Bookstore? (To find the Bookstore, go to and select Bookstore from the left hand navigation bar.)

This important secondary work parallels and harmonizes The Urantia Book with the Bible and contains 35,000 cross-references. The Paramony is indispensable for people who study both books. You can purchase this book directly via Amazon by clicking on this link or by visiting our Bookstore.

Thank you for buying your books through’s Bookstore! We received nearly $200.00 in commissions from Amazon last month. With the holiday season coming up, the purchases you would normally make anyway, can become a donation to and will help us to continue our work.

Anything you purchase at Amazon through our site will indirectly benefit us. Any one of the recommended book links will take you to Amazon.

Or you can page down to the bottom of the Bookstore Page until you see the Amazon search tool and go from there.

Or you can do all your Amazon Christmas shopping by clicking on this link when visiting Amazon to ensure that benefits from the Truthbook-Amazon commission agreement.

A Reminder

The posts on the Truthbook Discussion Board have been particularly inspiring lately. So far, most of the posts we get on the board are of a very high caliber. We hope you will visit there often.

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