Trek Across the Desert Sands - A new addition to the Jesus Collection

Trek Across the Desert Sands
- A new addition to the Jesus Collection

Trek Across the Desert Sands by Slawa Radziszewska
Trek Across the Desert Sands by Slawa Radziszewska

Dear TruthBook Friends,

Slawa Radziszewska has created many paintings that chronicle Jesus’ tour of the Mediterranean. This two-year journey with the Indian father and son is a part of Jesus' life that even his own family did not know of. But, we are so grateful for The Urantia Book that reveals so much about this trip. This part of the Master’s life is only known to Urantia Book readers for the present time. But, all Slawa's paintings are included in the new book: The Untold Story of Jesus, coming soon. When the new book is available, many more people will know these stories, too!

Today, we introduce Slawa's painting called Trek Across the Desert Sands. We see Jesus here in a rugged desert environment preparing for a long caravan trip near the end of the Mediterranean Tour. But the most appealing part of this painting is the delightful little slice of life shared between Jesus and his Indian pupil, Ganid. It is a scene that even Urantia Book readers might miss, as it is quite short. But, it is a scene that shows the charming bond of friendship between Jesus and the young Indian lad.

Setting the scene:

Jesus, Gonod, and Ganid spent almost two years together and the time was nearing when they would part.

“ Jesus became sober and reflective as he drew nearer Palestine and the end of their journey. He visited with few people in Antioch; he seldom went about in the city. After much questioning as to why his teacher manifested so little interest in Antioch, Ganid finally induced Jesus to say: ‘This city is not far from Palestine; maybe I shall come back here sometime.’

“ After preparing their luggage for the camel caravan, they passed on down to Sidon and thence over to Damascus and after three days they made ready for the long trek across the desert sands.”

Here's the scene depicted in Slawa's painting from the section called "In Mesopotamia"

“ The caravan trip across the desert was not a new experience for these much-traveled men. After Ganid had watched his teacher help with the loading of their twenty camels and observed him volunteer to drive their own animal, he exclaimed, ‘Teacher, is there anything that you cannot do?’ Jesus only smiled, saying, ‘The teacher surely is not without honor in the eyes of a diligent pupil.’ And so they set forth for the ancient city of Ur.”

This sunny painting has a lighthearted quality showing Jesus' easygoing relationship with Ganid. Their friendly exchange takes place over the pack camel as Ganid's father looks on. This is a very small moment in time, but it tells us a lot about Jesus. His hardworking nature is evident and his attitude towards the lad is charming. Seeing the Master smiling at Ganid as they adjust the pack is very appealing. Ganid grew to love Jesus during their time together. And in this painting, we can see the Master's love for Ganid, too. We cherish this beautiful painting as we imagine that smile directed our way!

The new Jesus biography, The Untold Story of Jesus, is on its way! Until it arrives Trek Across the Desert Sands can be viewed here.

The Religious Art Gallery is a great place to see all the Jesus paintings collected over the past ten years. So, please visit and spend some time.

We still have new paintings to share, so you'll be hearing from us again soon! Until then...

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