The Wedding at Cana - A new addition to the Jesus Collection

The Wedding at Cana
- A new addition to the Jesus Collection

The Wedding at Cana by William HoleDear TruthBook Friends and Family, 

Once again we have a painting to share with you–a painting that is by no means new (in fact it is well over 100 years old)—a painting that you will be thrilled to discover is now in the collection of Jesus paintings that has been growing by leaps and bounds.

William Brassey Hole (7 November 1846 – 22 October 1917) was an English artist, illustrator, etcher and engraver, well known for his biblical scenes.  If you are a regular visitor to TruthBook, you may be aware that examples of his beautiful art illustrate numerous pages, most especially in Part IV of the Illustrated Urantia Book.

The Wedding at Cana is the original which Hole painted in 1906, and this beautifully preserved, 110 year-old work now joins the other new (and some old) paintings in TruthBook’s Jesus painting collection.  And we are delighted to share it with you today, along with the story that it illustrates.

Most people who know about Jesus are familiar with the story of the wedding at Cana. It is a well-loved story in the Bible. Most everyone knows that this was the occasion of Jesus’ turning the water into wine; some may even be aware that this was Jesus’ first real “miracle.” But only Urantia Book readers know the real story- the story behind the story. Only through reading the full account in The Urantia Book does the reader understand what really happened that day.

For example, the authors of The Urantia Book explain to us that this was not a real miracle at all (although it still seems pretty miraculous!); instead, it was the result of Jesus wanting so much to please his mother that just that sympathetic desire alone was enough to activate the hosts of Heaven to fulfill his desire. No one was more surprised than Jesus:

From the Urantia Book story:

“It was gradually dawning upon Jesus what had happened. Of all persons present at the marriage feast of Cana, Jesus was the most surprised. Others had expected him to work a wonder, but that was just what he had purposed not to do.

“And then the Son of Man recalled the admonition of his Personalized Thought Adjuster in the hills. He recounted how the Adjuster had warned him about the inability of any power or personality to deprive him of the creator prerogative of independence of time. On this occasion power transformers, midwayers, and all other required personalities were assembled near the water and other necessary elements, and in the face of the expressed wish of the Universe Creator Sovereign, there was no escaping the instantaneous appearance of wine. And this occurrence was made doubly certain since the Personalized Adjuster had signified that the execution of the Son’s desire was in no way a contravention of the Father’s will.

“But this was in no sense a miracle. No law of nature was modified, abrogated, or even transcended. Nothing happened but the abrogation of time in association with the celestial assembly of the chemical elements requisite for the elaboration of the wine. At Cana on this occasion the agents of the Creator made wine just as they do by the ordinary natural processes except that they did it independently of time and with the intervention of superhuman agencies in the matter of the space assembly of the necessary chemical ingredients.

“Furthermore it was evident that the enactment of this so-called miracle was not contrary to the will of the Paradise Father, else it would not have transpired, since Jesus had already subjected himself in all things to the Father’s will.

“Jesus now fully comprehended that he must constantly be on guard lest his indulgence of sympathy and pity become responsible for repeated episodes of this sort. Nevertheless, many similar events occurred before the Son of Man took final leave of his mortal life in the flesh.”

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It is the recounting of fascinating details just such as these that make the revelation of Jesus’ life and teachings in The Urantia Book so rich, so interesting, and so inspiring. And it is yet another reason for all of us to be ready to share these stories with our friends, our families, or any spiritual seeker who desires to know more about Jesus. We hold in our hands a treasure – a treasure that belongs to the world!

We will keep you informed as we obtain even more paintings of Jesus’ life and times, as told in The Urantia Book, for the Religious Art Gallery on TruthBookThe Wedding at Cana will now be among them.


Your TruthBook Team