New and STUNNING book on the life of Jesus: The Untold Story of Jesus

Here’s What People Are Saying:

“When I opened it and read it for the first time-I was surprised-I cried. I guess I would describe this book as alive.”

[  Slawa Radziszewska - The Library of Alexandria  ]

“I love this book. Both the art and the words are very inspiring.”
[  J. Kirk Richards - Commissioning the Women’s Corps  ]

“This is easily a $90 book offered at one third of this price. It’s truly a joy to own.”
[  Michael Malm - In Joseph’s Woodshop  ]

Exquisite book, thoughtful, provocative, and filled with the Love of Christ.”
[  Yongsung Kim - Gethsemane Prayer  ]

“I would recommend this book to anyone seeking truth.”
[  Walter Rane - Lazarus, Come Forth!  ]

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