The Pool of Siloam Painting - A new addition to the Jesus Collection

The Pool of Siloam Painting

- A new addition to the Jesus Collection

Dear Friends of TruthBook,

It is with a spirit of love that we greet you, and hope that you and your loved ones are well in this beautiful season of change.

Once again, we take great pleasure in sharing with you a painting of a scene from Jesus' life. Most of the art that we share with you depicts unknown scenes from the life of Jesus, as revealed in The Urantia Book. This painting however, The Pool of Siloam, illustrates a scene that will be familiar to many - even those who do not read The Urantia Book.

At the Pool of Siloam by Harold CoppingIn addition, while most of the paintings we share with you are part of a privately commissioned, privately funded, and privately owned series of original modern art, this collection also includes several original paintings crafted by artists of the past - artists that are, in our modern day, little known. One such artist is Harold Copping, the famous Biblical illustrator. And one such scene is a familiar but amazing occurrence in the life of Jesus - the scene of his healing of Josiah, the blind beggar, at the Pool of Siloam.

Harold Copping was an artist and illustrator. Born in 1863, he trained at the Royal Academy, London, before studying in Paris on a Landseer Scholarship. He became a successful book illustrator, working on Pilgrim's Progress (1903), Grace Abounding (1905) and Little Women (1912).

He is best known for his work on biblical subjects. He visited Palestine to research his illustrations for the The Copping Bible (1910), which became a best-seller. The success of this book led to commissions for A Journalist in the Holy Land (1911) and The Bible Story Book (1923). He also produced illustrations for magazines, including Little Folks, Pearson's Magazine and The Royal Magazine. Examples of his work can be seen in the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Bournemouth. Harold Copping died in 1932.

We are pleased to present this beautiful painting to you today. It is one of several by Harold Copping that you will see in the weeks and months to come.

The Pool of Siloam is the dramatic portrayal of a remarkable case of a true miracle cure by Jesus during a secret visit to Jerusalem with Nathaniel and Thomas, as the apostolic party prepared for their third and final preaching mission. The two apostles tried to dissuade him from going into such unfriendly territory but to this, Jesus replied: “I would give these teachers in Israel another opportunity to see the light, before my hour comes.”

Jesus decided that he wanted to use this healing of the blind beggar - not only to help Josiah, but in order to further his mission on earth. It was this instance of healing that was expressly performed in order to get the attention of his enemies.  Said Jesus: “Let us create the sight of this blind man on this Sabbath day that the scribes and Pharisees may have the full occasion which they seek for accusing the Son of Man.”

Many of you are probably familiar with this story in which Jesus prepares a paste of spit and mud.It is one of the miracles that is narrated in both the Bible and The Urantia Book. He instructs the blind man to place the paste over his eyes, and then go wash it off in the Pool of Siloam. This painting shows the scene where Josiah has just washed his eyes as he regains his sight at the pool. We see the look of wonderment on the face of the healed beggar as he experiences sight for the first time in his life.

It is a truly remarkable story, and we invite you to read the full account in The Urantia Book. Please see Healing The Blind Beggar.

The collection of these commissioned and privately-owned Jesus paintings is growing ever larger. We are happy to be able to share the new renderings as they become available to us, and now, this original painting from many years ago which will - we hope - gain an appreciative audience with Urantia Book readers. This painting will be like an old friend to your Christian friends, and the accompanying story will be a revelation for them as they read the true story, and the true purposes of this amazing miracle of healing.

The story of the circumstances surrounding this miracle are very instructive about the fallacy of the belief that affliction is God's punishment for sin. The story is also about faith, and about how deliberately Jesus used his talents to provoke those discussions "which compelled the Pharisees to take notice of the miracle." We are able to witness the workings of the mind of Jesus as he navigates the dangerous waters of the growing opposition of the authorities to his mission on earth while also being of such a great help to this suffering soul.

We are thrilled to be able to bring the talent of Harold Copping to your attention, and we invite you to share this painting and this story with your friends and family. Thank you for being a part of the TruthBook family.


Your TruthBook Team