The Kingdom's First Hospital - A new painting

The Kingdom's First Hospital

- A new painting inspired by The Urantia Book

Dear Truthbook Friends and Family,

We hope that this letter finds you well and at peace as we enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons.

The Kingdom's First Hospital by Russ DockenWe are writing today to present to you another painting in the series of original fine-art creations depicting little-known, or completely unknown scenes from the life of Jesus, as revealed in The Urantia Book. This growing collection of fine art - a privately commissioned and privately owned portfolio - has been made available to, and we are happy to share with our TruthBook family as new additions become reality.

Even those who have never read The Urantia Book are familiar with Jesus' reputation as a healer - Jesus is widely known as the "Great Physician." We are told in The Urantia Book that during the Bethsaida encampment, the kingdom's first hospital was established and conducted by Elman, a Syrian doctor. A corps of young men and women staffed this hospital, ministering to the sick. And we are told that "Jesus visited the sick of this encampment not less than three times a week and made personal contact with each sufferer."

Jesus' mission was one of love and service. It is inspiring to think of Jesus spending three days a week with suffering souls at the hospital, dispensing good cheer and kindness, and in the process, effecting numerous cures as he ignited the faith of the sufferer. All of us who love the Master can take his devoted ministry during this time as a model of loving service that we ourselves can adopt as we "go and do likewise."

Somewhere near you, there is a hospital, an old-age home, a hospice for the dying, or a shelter for abused women and children who can use your kind ministrations. There are hurting souls in these places and elsewhere who will benefit from a faith-filled, love-saturated soul in their immediate presence.

Jesus said: “You are the light of the world. A city set upon a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and be led to glorify your Father who is in heaven. 140:3.13

One can only imagine the privilege of enjoying the personal ministrations of the Creator of a universe. It is little wonder that many of the cures that he effected were regarded as miracle-working. And Jesus' ministry of love to these ailing souls becomes the model for others to follow, as "Jesus inspired the faith and confidence of the sick and suffering." We can clearly see his loving concern in this lovely and inspiring work of art.

The painting is called The Kingdom's First Hospital, and has been lovingly crafted by the gifted American artist, Russ Docken.

We present the whole story here:

The Bethsaida Hospital

"In connection with the seaside encampment, Elman, the Syrian physician, with the assistance of a corps of twenty-five young women and twelve men, organized and conducted for four months what should be regarded as the kingdom’s first hospital. At this infirmary, located a short distance to the south of the main tented city, they treated the sick in accordance with all known material methods as well as by the spiritual practices of prayer and faith encouragement. Jesus visited the sick of this encampment not less than three times a week and made personal contact with each sufferer. As far as we know, no so-called miracles of supernatural healing occurred among the one thousand afflicted and ailing persons who went away from this infirmary improved or cured. However, the vast majority of these benefited individuals ceased not to proclaim that Jesus had healed them.

"Many of the cures effected by Jesus in connection with his ministry in behalf of Elman’s patients did, indeed, appear to resemble the working of miracles, but we were instructed that they were only just such transformations of mind and spirit as may occur in the experience of expectant and faith-dominated persons who are under the immediate and inspirational influence of a strong, positive, and beneficent personality whose ministry banishes fear and destroys anxiety.

"Elman and his associates endeavored to teach the truth to these sick ones concerning the “possession of evil spirits,” but they met with little success. The belief that physical sickness and mental derangement could be caused by the dwelling of a so-called unclean spirit in the mind or body of the afflicted person was well-nigh universal.

"In all his contact with the sick and afflicted, when it came to the technique of treatment or the revelation of the unknown causes of disease, Jesus did not disregard the instructions of his Paradise brother, Immanuel, given ere he embarked upon the venture of the Urantia incarnation. Notwithstanding this, those who ministered to the sick learned many helpful lessons by observing the manner in which Jesus inspired the faith and confidence of the sick and suffering.

"The camp disbanded a short time before the season for the increase in chills and fever drew on."

We feel sure that you will love this newest addition to the Jesus art collection as much as we do here at Please share it with your friends and family as you feel led to do so. The world needs to see the Master anew as the Great Physician, and know that this title was well-earned - not so much for the perception of miracle-working, but because Jesus was the embodiment of such a "strong, positive, and beneficent personality whose ministry banishes fear and destroys anxiety". Studying this painting, and the life of the Master, we can try our best to adopt Jesus' way of inspiring the sick of body and mind with our own living faith.

Best Wishes to All,


Your TruthBook Team