The Healing at Sundown - A new addition to the Jesus Collection

The Healing at Sundown
- A new addition to the Jesus Collection

The Healing at Sundown by J. Kirk Richards
The Healing at Sundown by J. Kirk Richards

Dear TruthBook Friends,

The Urantia Book and the Bible share many well known stories from Jesus' life. Today we share a new, specially commissioned, painting of one of those stories, called The Healing at Sundown by J. Kirk Richards. J. Kirk is one of the finest Christian artists in the world and you can see all his inspiring work at his website.

In the Bible, Matthew, Mark and Luke devote very few verses to this mass healing. But in The Urantia Book, we learn much, much more, so that we are able to appreciate the full meaning of this event. It is one of the most amazing of all the miracles of Jesus. The Healing at Sundown shows the viewer the exact moment that the people are cured of their diseases.

J. Kirk Richards' treatment of this scene is full of color and movement. As Peter and his wife watched from the darkened doorway, Jesus expressed his desire to see the assembly made whole. The Master's compassionate words passed the responsibility of the healing to his Father. The artist's skill provides an impression of the "tumult" that followed. In the warm light of the setting sun we see men and women responding as they realize their healing. There is a general feel of shock, amazement, and happiness within the crowd in Zebedee's front yard. And we can’t help but feel the excitement, too!

The midwayers tell us: "That Sabbath was a great day in the earth life of Jesus, yes, in the life of a universe. To all local universe intents and purposes the little Jewish city of Capernaum was the real capital of Nebadon."

The Healing at Sundown is a fine addition to the new Urantia Book-based book: The Untold Story of Jesus. This new book will draw many people to The Urantia Book and to Jesus. And beautiful art like this helps the reader absorb the stories that the book tells.

Setting the scene:

“The whole day’s events had set the stage for this extraordinary sundown scene. Even the text Jesus had used for his afternoon sermon had intimated that sickness should be banished; and he had spoken with such unprecedented power and authority! His message was so compelling! While he made no appeal to human authority, he did speak directly to the consciences and souls of men. Though he did not resort to logic, legal quibbles, or clever sayings, he did make a powerful, direct, clear, and personal appeal to the hearts of his hearers.”

And here’s the scene as revealed by the midwayers:

“Soon after the setting of the sun, as Jesus and the apostles still lingered about the supper table, Peter’s wife heard voices in the front yard and, on going to the door, saw a large company of sick folks assembling, and that the road from Capernaum was crowded by those who were on their way to seek healing at Jesus’ hands. On seeing this sight, she went at once and informed her husband, who told Jesus.

“When the Master stepped out of the front entrance of Zebedee’s house, his eyes met an array of stricken and afflicted humanity. He gazed upon almost one thousand sick and ailing human beings; at least that was the number of persons gathered together before him. Not all present were afflicted; some had come assisting their loved ones in this effort to secure healing.

“The sight of these afflicted mortals, men, women, and children, suffering in large measure as a result of the mistakes and misdeeds of his own trusted Sons of universe administration, peculiarly touched the human heart of Jesus and challenged the divine mercy of this benevolent Creator Son. But Jesus well knew he could never build an enduring spiritual movement upon the foundation of purely material wonders. It had been his consistent policy to refrain from exhibiting his creator prerogatives. Not since Cana had the supernatural or miraculous attended his teaching; still, this afflicted multitude touched his sympathetic heart and mightily appealed to his understanding affection.

“A voice from the front yard exclaimed: ‘Master, speak the word, restore our health, heal our diseases, and save our souls.’ No sooner had these words been uttered than a vast retinue of seraphim, physical controllers, Life Carriers, and midwayers, such as always attended this incarnated Creator of a universe, made themselves ready to act with creative power should their Sovereign give the signal. This was one of those moments in the earth career of Jesus in which divine wisdom and human compassion were so interlocked in the judgment of the Son of Man that he sought refuge in appeal to his Father’s will.

“When Peter implored the Master to heed their cry for help, Jesus, looking down upon the afflicted throng, answered: ‘I have come into the world to reveal the Father and establish his kingdom. For this purpose have I lived my life to this hour. If, therefore, it should be the will of Him who sent me and not inconsistent with my dedication to the proclamation of the gospel of the kingdom of heaven, I would desire to see my children made whole—and—‘ but the further words of Jesus were lost in the tumult.

“Jesus had passed the responsibility of this healing decision to the ruling of his Father. Evidently the Father’s will interposed no objection, for the words of the Master had scarcely been uttered when the assembly of celestial personalities serving under the command of Jesus’ Personalized Thought Adjuster was mightily astir. The vast retinue descended into the midst of this motley throng of afflicted mortals, and in a moment of time 683 men, women, and children were made whole, were perfectly healed of all their physical diseases and other material disorders. Such a scene was never witnessed on earth before that day, nor since. And for those of us who were present to behold this creative wave of healing, it was indeed a thrilling spectacle.”

Please see "The Healing at Sundown" to read the entire account.

The Healing at Sundown resides in our Religious Art Gallery for now. But it is also part of The Untold Story of Jesus. We expect the book's arrival very soon!

Until next time, when we bring you another new painting, we pray for happiness, joy, and peace for you and yours as Easter season approaches.


Your TruthBook Team