Recent Scientific Discoveries

Dear Friends and Family,

We have recently come across a few very intriguing websites that we want to share with you.

Modern earth science is making great strides in very exciting fields, such as astronomy and archeology; here are three discoveries that may possibly corroborate certain Urantia Book teachings, or at least whet our appetites for new developments, as they occur:

  1. James Webb Space Telescope

    This is the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, which has been a resounding success since 1987, and which has opened the floodgates insofar as Urantia Book teachings about the cosmos. This new telescope is  designed to view the most distant objects in the universe, and also is designed to study "the birth and evolution of galaxies, and the formation of stars and planets."

    Please see this NASA article as well...

  2. "So Many Lonely Planets With No Star to Guide Them"

    This article tells us about the discovery of numerous large (Jupiter-sized) planets in the Milky Way that orbit no star (and have no heat source).

    "To find the wanderers, scientists turned their telescopes towards the Galactic Bulge surrounding the centre of the Milky Way. Using a technique called gravitational microlensing, they detected 10 Jupiter-mass planets wandering far from light-giving stars."

    A Urantia Book student can't help but wonder, "could these planets be architectural worlds?"

    15:7.12 If all the projected local universes and their component parts were established, there would be slightly less than five hundred billion architectural worlds in the seven superuniverses.

  3. Gobekli Tepe

    This final archaeological discovery in Southern Turkey is quite dramatic. Located just northeast of the second garden, it is an enormous collection of monoliths with hieroglyphic images carved in them. The discovery is only 5% uncovered and already, they know that it dates to 12,000 BC and that it could be a religious or spiritually-oriented site. The monoliths are larger than those at Stonehenge, and of course, one has to ask: "How did they do that?"  And: "Who were these people?"

    We'll be sending a more detailed exploration of this discovery in a later press release, but here is just one intriguing Urantia Book quote:

    77:5.2 Adamson was among that group of the children of Adam and Eve who elected to remain on earth with their father and mother. Now this eldest son of Adam had often heard from Van and Amadon the story of their highland home in the north, and sometime after the establishment of the second garden he determined to go in search of this land of his youthful dreams.

    Could Gobekli Tepe have been a part of the "highland home" of Van and Amadon?

    The photographs of the site are unlike anything else...

As they say, folks..."Stay tuned..." In the months and years to come, we can expect more and more discoveries that will excite all students of The Urantia Book, and that will hopefully open the doors to spreading the revelation to a whole new group of seekers.

Your TruthBook Team

James Webb Space Telescope - [NASA]
Free Floating Planet - [NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt]
Göbekli Tepe monolith by Teomancimit