Proof of Heaven?

Proof of Heaven?

There is Life After Death

Greetings TruthBook Friends!

It's been awhile since we wrote to you. We hope that this letter finds all of you well, healthy, happy, and at peace. In these unprecedented times, it may not always be possible to maintain all of these ideals, but our wonderful revelation helps us to weather any of life's storms with grace. God is with us. The angels are on duty. The Spirit of Truth is alive and well. And all of us, no matter our own personal changes, are safe in the Father's watchcare. 

Today, we just want to let you know some of what we are doing here at TruthBook, and give you a preview of one of the upcoming features on our pages.

Coming up in August we are featuring an amazing and inspiring video on our Urantia Book page called "Proof of Heaven?" You can find it on our site in a day or so, or you can access it right now HERE. The video relates an amazing story of a near death experience that can reinforce what we already know about the reality of life after death from our reading of The Urantia Book

Along with the video, you might enjoy visiting our page titled: "There is Life After Death" which is a beautiful recounting of those teachings from The Urantia Book on all the reasons that we can be confident about our eternal future.

Thanks for being such loyal friends. It is such a pleasure to be even a small part of your spiritual journey on this troubled world...troubled, but so full of hope and reassurance, too. Our beloved revelation gives all of us reason to be exceedingly glad!


Your TruthBook Team