Playing with the Shepherd Dog - A new addition to the Jesus Collection

Playing with the Shepherd Dog
- A new addition to the Jesus Collection

Playing with the Shepherd Dog by Slawa Radziszewska
Playing with the Shepherd Dog by Slawa Radziszewska

Dear TruthBook Friends,

Today, we are very pleased to introduce you to a delightful painting. It was lovingly created by one of our most prolific artists, Slawa Radziszewska.  Slawa has painted many scenes of Jesus' travels during the Mediterranean Tour. This was a time in Jesus' life that is unknown to anyone but Urantia Book readers. So, her paintings are truly unique. This one is called Playing with the Shepherd Dog. It will join Slawa’s other fine paintings as part of the new book: The Untold Story of Jesus coming soon.

Slawa had a fun time painting Jesus playing catch with a dog. Most people envision Jesus as the serious Son of God but the Urantia Book describes him as a soul of gladness. The book also says that the 19 months that Jesus spent with Gonod and Ganid were the happiest of his life. Imagine, the creator of the universe running on the beach with a shepherd dog and his young friend from India! There are 1.4 billion people in India today. Imagine the implications and possibility of them discovering that Jesus spent 19 months of his life with two of their countrymen.

Here’s the scene from The Urantia Book, taken from the section called At Caesarea:

“That afternoon Jesus and Ganid had both enjoyed playing with a very intelligent shepherd dog, and Ganid wanted to know whether the dog had a soul, whether it had a will, and in response to his questions Jesus said: ‘The dog has a mind which can know material man, his master, but cannot know God, who is spirit; therefore the dog does not possess a spiritual nature and cannot enjoy a spiritual experience. The dog may have a will derived from nature and augmented by training, but such a power of mind is not a spiritual force, neither is it comparable to the human will, inasmuch as it is not reflective—it is not the result of discriminating higher and moral meanings or choosing spiritual and eternal values. It is the possession of such powers of spiritual discrimination and truth choosing that makes mortal man a moral being, a creature endowed with the attributes of spiritual responsibility and the potential of eternal survival.’ Jesus went on to explain that it is the absence of such mental powers in the animal which makes it forever impossible for the animal world to develop language in time or to experience anything equivalent to personality survival in eternity. As a result of this day's instruction Ganid never again entertained belief in the transmigration of the souls of men into the bodies of animals.”

The story itself is notable for the Master’s teaching about whether animals have souls. And Jesus' teaching makes an impression on young Ganid. But, it is the very human scene of the two young men playing with the dog that captures our interest here. Seldom do we see Jesus laughing and having fun like this.  You can almost imagine the joyous cries of the gulls as they swoop over the windswept surf and the happy trio. 

Slawa has done a superb job of making this sun-drenched scene come alive for the viewer. Playing with the Shepherd Dog is now part of our Religious Art Gallery. And all of Slawa's fine work is part of The Untold Story of Jesus, too. The book is slated for arrival sometime in the Spring!

Until next time…blessings to you and yours!


Your TruthBook Team