Paula Thompson is Moving

Dear Friends of TruthBook,

After 16 years at Jesusonian, Paula Thompson, Web Master and office manager of TruthBook accepted the job of Executive Director of the Fellowship for readers of The Urantia Book. Paula fills the shoes of John Hales who resigned after 32 years as Executive Director.

On one hand we are thrilled for Paula because she has been offered a terrific position serving the largest North American social organization for readers of The Urantia Book. On the other hand, her daily presence will be missed at TruthBook. Her creativity, love, attention to detail, and spiritual dedication made a significant impact to this site. Paula has been a lighthouse in a world needing direction.

Job Posting for Web Master and Office Manager of, the website of Jesusonian Foundation, a small non profit organization, has an immediate job opening. The job is for Web Master and Office Manager of, located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

Job Skills:

The individual must be excellent at computers and the web. This job requires intuitive computer instincts and skills. You must be capable of managing the website; fluid on the internet; creative enough to know what art, photos, and multimedia motivate people; totally knowledgeable of or capable of learning Photoshop and MX Flash; a keen sense of marketing; completely organized as office manager; peacemaking with all readers and reader groups (i.e. The Fellowship, UIA, and others); supportive of the good work at Urantia Foundation; and highly motivated to turn the world right side up. The individual must be capable of learning and using Quick books as well as delegating work to the terrific team of folks that work on this site. If you are that person or know someone who fits that description, please e-mail me with a resume.

The job of Web Master is the only full time paid position at TruthBook. Additionally, an inner core of 4 part time people keep the site growing. Numerous volunteers contribute to the contents and organize various activities.

The Web Site runs via Cold Fusion software. You need not know Cold Fusion to be Web Master. DeVon Culberson, the technician for the site, takes care of the Cold Fusion technical problems while providing an elegant interface via a user friendly back end admin. site.

Since the start, site construction provided for lasting growth. Graphics and multi media technology drove the site design and technology standards. The Urantia Book contains words of beauty, truth, and goodness. TruthBook hopes to bring those words alive via music, art, and multi media tools.

Since TruthBook works on small budgets, the Web Master needs to manage and inspire volunteers to continue surpassing their generous gifts of service to this site. Frequent recruiting of new volunteers, projects, and ideas come with the job description.

Marketing instincts are needed as well. TruthBook serves spiritually hungry people (specifically those with a Christian background) with truth they can digest and grow from. Knowing how to mine the web to find spiritually hungry people is part of this job. Maximizing web spiders, Google systems, Yahoo systems, and links, must be viewed as part of the job. Creative product development also plays an important role.

The office management piece of the job means paying bills, filing taxes, and keeping the site totally organized. We have an immense collection of photos and paintings for Quote of the Day and keeping resources organized is a must.

For someone highly organized, creative, and dedicated to Jesus and The Urantia Book revelation, this job could be a dream come true. TruthBook has become a vital entry point for people searching for the Father in Heaven and Jesus. Last month approx. 155,000 people visited the site and stayed an average length of over 15 minutes. Our newest flash, Jesus, The Light of the World drew our largest audience yet and showed us the way to creating vivid presentations that speak to religionists outside The Urantia Book community. TruthBook, plain and simply, is all about spreading the teachings of The Urantia Book and most directly The Life and Teachings of Jesus.

If you are interested applying please go to, click on contact, then click e-mail us. Or send your resume to

Thank you.

TruthBook Mission Statement

Beliefs and Mission Statement


Our mission is to encourage and assist individuals in developing a personal faith relationship with our Heavenly Father by sharing the supernal teachings of Jesus in The Urantia Book with them and nurturing them as Urantia Book readers.

Urantia Book quotes that guide the mission at TruthBook

What a transcendent service if, through this revelation, the Son of Man should be recovered from the tomb of traditional theology and be presented as the living Jesus to the church that bears his name, and to all other religions! (196:1.2)

Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it. (196:1.3)

What an awakening the world would experience if it could only see Jesus as he really lived on earth and know, firsthand, his life-giving teachings! (195:9.8)

Religion does need new leaders, spiritual men and women who will dare to depend solely on Jesus and his incomparable teachings. If Christianity persists in neglecting its spiritual mission while it continues to busy itself with social and material problems, the spiritual renaissance must await the coming of these new teachers of Jesus' religion who will be exclusively devoted to the spiritual regeneration of men. And then will these spirit-born souls quickly supply the leadership and inspiration requisite for the social, moral, economic, and political reorganization of the world. (195:9.4)

Christianity has indeed done a great service for this world, but what is now most needed is Jesus. The world needs to see Jesus living again on earth in the experience of spirit-born mortals who effectively reveal the Master to all men. It is futile to talk about a revival of primitive Christianity; you must go forward from where you find yourselves. Modern culture must become spiritually baptized with a new revelation of Jesus' life and illuminated with a new understanding of his gospel of eternal salvation. And when Jesus becomes thus lifted up, he will draw all men to himself. Jesus' disciples should be more than conquerors, even overflowing sources of inspiration and enhanced living to all men. Religion is only an exalted humanism until it is made divine by the discovery of the reality of the presence of God in personal experience. (195:10.1)

"And now I declare to you that I, if I be lifted up on earth and in your lives, will draw all men to myself and into the fellowship of my Father."(174:5.13)

The kingdom as Jesus conceived it has to a large extent failed on earth; for the time being, an outward church has taken its place; but you should comprehend that this church is only the larval stage of the thwarted spiritual kingdom, which will carry it through this material age and over into a more spiritual dispensation where the Master's teachings may enjoy a fuller opportunity for development. Thus does the so-called Christian church become the cocoon in which the kingdom of Jesus' concept now slumbers. The kingdom of the divine brotherhood is still alive and will eventually and certainly come forth from this long submergence, just as surely as the butterfly eventually emerges as the beautiful unfolding of its less attractive creature of metamorphic development. (170:5.19)