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Urantia Book crossword puzzleSeasons Greetings Truthbook Friends,

Hoping that this letter finds you all well, and enjoying your Christmas season - that time of year that the world celebrates the birth of Jesus. Even though we Urantians know the real birthdate of Jesus, this is a good time of year to get into the spirit and celebrate Jesus - the "Light of the World" - with our friends and family.

To help you do that, and as an early present for you, we've developed a new feature here on the Truthbook site - Crosswords!

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The home page for these puzzles - where you will always find all the puzzles will be at: (bookmark this page)

Our debut effort is called Christmas Crossword 2010. We naturally chose as our theme the Birth and Infancy of Jesus, and all the clues and answers are from Paper 122. Even a new reader will find our puzzle fun, and not too difficult.

If you go the crossword puzzle home page link, you'll see the puzzle title, the date it was published - and then you'll see three options:

The first option (PLAY ONLINE) will open up the puzzle so that you can solve it right from your desktop with your keyboard and mouse. Just follow the simple directions and have fun!

The second option (DOWNLOAD PDF) will provide you with a printable document containing the puzzle that can be portable. Print it out and stuff it in your purse or pocket to work later on while you commute, use it as a "family time" project so that everybody can participate, use it as a fun alternative in your study group, or just save it for when you're relaxing in your easy chair in the evening.

The third option (ANSWERS) is self-explanatory...we hope you'll use this one only as a last resort. Even if you might not know the answers right away, some basic research into Paper 121 will refresh your memory, and is lots more fun than just looking at the answers!!! Our search feature can be of great help in your research, as each crossword clue has been taken from the text. Simply copy and paste a one-, two- or three word string from the clue, and paste it into the "keyword" slot to find the correct passage.

The purpose of this new feature is two-fold; first and foremost, we hope you'll have fun doing the puzzles. And secondly, we hope they will encourage further reading and study of the book for all who give them a try. Some, like our Christmas Crossword, will be fairly easy for Urantia Book readers - some may be more challenging in the future. But all will be fun to do - a pleasant way to while away some time without actually wasting time - and a fun way to increase your understanding and appreciation of our beloved revelation.

We hope you'll enjoy our Christmas gift to you. The crossword puzzle will be a regular feature on our site, and we plan to give you at least one puzzle a week on many different themes from The Urantia Book, so stay tuned, and keep coming back!

Many Blessings in the Holiday Season!


Your Truthbook Team