New Urantia Book Videos from 3 Videomakers

3 Urantia Book Videomakers

Dear TruthBook Friends and Family,

From time to time we like to share with you some interesting Urantia Book-inspired works that we think you might like to see and share. There are some very talented and devoted Urantia Book reader/students in our midst!

Here are a few we think you'll like:


Paul Klaver video screenshotPaul Klaver

Paul is a long-time reader/student of the revelation. He attended The Boulder School back in the 80s. As a result of his devotion to the revelation, Paul has produced a very interesting video - an animated version of Jesus and the Apostles as they begin their first preaching mission tour. It is a wonderful, polished, and professional production, and one that might be especially pleasing for children. We think you'll find it a different and appealing approach.

About his video, Paul says:

"After many attempts, with limited results, to introduce The Urantia Book to my fellow comrades, I felt an animation might work. A second animation, Paper 146 - The First Preaching Tour of Galilee, is well under way and should be completed by the end of the year. It is our intention to complete a 10 video series on The Life and Teachings of Jesus."

"If plans permit, we have ideas of creating animations for the first three epochal revelations as well. We are especially interested in producing The Lucifer Rebellion as it is an important part of our history and explains a great deal as to why our planet is so confused."

"Our motivation for outreach is to assist our fellow man in realizing his spiritual inheritance and destiny."

The video is at:


UrantiaArtist video screenshotUrantianArtist

This wonderful soul is a woman in her golden years, mother of seven, and a devoted reader/student of The Urantia Book. Although some of you may know her, or may have met her, she prefers that we introduce you to her by her "Spiritual-Art" name of UrantianArtist.

She says:

"I call myself a Urantian artist because I have the desire to be an artist of life. There are many artists who are more accomplished and skilled than I am, but I am, never the less, a fellow Urantian artist.

"I invite you to visit my YouTube Channel to view 24, 10- to 15-minute videos about, our Heavenly Father’s Plan for us and our Savior, Jesus Christ, with truths from the 5th Epochal Revelation, The Urantia Book."

You'll find that UrantianArtist even has a Urantia Book introduction that could be of special value to your family, and friends who may be Christian seekers.

Her collection of videos cand be found at:


Dick Bain video screenshotRichard Bain

Dick says:

"The first series of videos I made to honor the life and teachings of Jesus and hopefully to interest a few people in The Urantia Book. In the second series, I wanted to show how Jesus honored women and treated them as equals to men, and of course hopefully to get a few people interested in the The Urantia Book--especially Christians."

"My latest project is a video about the Thought Adjuster. I will be showing it at The Spiritual Fellowship's Heart of the Mountains Retreat in NC on Aug 18th, then I will upload it to Youtube after I polish it a bit more."

"I'm active in a Unitarian Universalist church here in Lynchburg, VA. Along with other things I do for the church community, I facilitate a group called Spirit Quest."

His collection of videos can be found at:


We're very pleased to be able to share the work of these devoted Urantia Book readers with the TruthBook family. As always, it is our privilege to share, and we hope that you'll feel drawn to share, too. It is in these person-to-person ways that the Good News can more speedily percolate through humanity's consciousness

In these waning days of Summer, we look forward with expectant faith to the seasons of quiet and reflection when we can possibly slow our pace a little bit and take the time to charge our - and others' - spiritual batteries with these uplifting messages of inspiration.


Your TruthBook Team