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Dear Truthbook family,

Even though we are in the depths of winter, Urantia Book reader/believers always feel sunny in spirit...the revelation always gives us something to celebrate! Today we are writing to share with you a few interesting and inspiring links that might help you to while away some time on a chilly day - things that you might deem worthy to share with your friends and family. We are writing to introduce you to some great efforts on behalf of the revelation by our friend and brother, Gard Jameson.

Check these things out...

Gard Jameson
  • We want to tell you about an interview that we recently heard with Gard, who is a beloved spiritual brother and devoted Urantia Book lover. In this engaging hour on the Progressive Radio Network (..."the thinking person’s network."), Carole Hallundbaek speaks with Jameson, now an author, professor of philosophy, and a trustee and treasurer of the Urantia Foundation. If you are not familiar with Gard - and especially if you are - we hope that you'll carve out a little time to listen to this inspiring interview. Gard does a wonderful job of introducing and discussing our beloved revelation.
  • Gard was also a featured guest on Blog Talk Radio recently as well, exploring the spiritual philosophies of Carl Jung, the famous 20th century philosopher, and correlating them with the teachings of The Urantia Book. You can access these very interesting and informative shows here.
  • And were you aware that Gard has inaugurated a Contemplative Prayer Blog on our site? These blogs are written by Gard, and the hope is that viewers will read and be inspired about the practice and the value of contemplative prayer. Gard is a gifted writer and lecturer on spiritual and philosophical topics, so his viewpoints are well worth your attention.

Finally, we would like to call your attention to a page on our site that you may not have noticed before...

Dear Jesus
  • Remember Dear Abby? How much better would it be if it was called Dear Jesus?

    Well, here is our page titled Jesus Quotes - Advice you can live with. In this one page, we have culled many, many direct quotes from Jesus' teachings in The Urantia Book and spread them into various topics, such as When You're Discouraged..., Can't We All Just Get Along? and I Promise You... Anytime you have a concern about life, try consulting Jesus before going anywhere else for advice. has been around a long time - maybe longer than most Urantia Book sites. If you are like most people on our list of friends, you receive our Quote of the Day, you use our free and fabulous search engine; you enjoy a video or two now and then, or you use any number of our other special features to help you in your spiritual walk. We are glad that so many of you find our site useful and inspiring, and we feel privileged to have the opportunity to be of service to you.

In future, we will be sending you more communications about, and about some of The Urantia Book sites and happenings that we think you'd enjoy. Have a look - have a listen. Share what you learn and we'll continue to share with you. We who know and love The Urantia Book are among some of the most blessed people on the earth, to have discovered the most important and sweeping revelation of God to mankind in two millennia. These are exciting times, and it is a blessing to be sharing the journey with you.


Your Truthbook Team