New Stuff from Truthbook: Wallpaper

Need A Desktop Redo? How About Changing The Wallpaper?

Dear Friends,

A while back, we sent you a notice regarding our latest Truthbook Screensaver which is a dazzling display of the Best of 2006 Quote of the Day quotes and images. We hope that many of you are enjoying your new Screensaver as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Did you know that a Screensaver is distinctly different from Wallpaper? While a screensaver is a temporary display of pictures, the Wallpaper that you choose is the background that is a permanent presence behind the icons on your desktop. In some applications, Wallpaper is referred to as Background, but they are one and the same concept.

If you like the images and quotes from our Best of 2006, you'll be happy to know that any of those 180 images are available to you as individual wallpapers as well. You can see and download these images from

And not only that, but the entire Master Universe series, and the Epochal Revelation series, by the artist John Byron, are also available as wallpaper. Also avilable are images of the universe painted by the artist Gary Tonge. So, everytime you boot up your computer, you will see the wallpaper of your choice as a backdrop. You can see and download these images from

All of these images are free to you, and easily downloaded, installed, or changed following these easy instructions.

How to get Truthbook's Wallpapers:

Internet Explorer Users

Mac Users (OS X)

Mac Users (OS 9.0)

Linux Users:

We hope that you will enjoy redecorating your desktop with your choice of these beautiful Truthbook images.


The Truthbook Team