New Search Engine at Truthbook

New Split-Screen Search Engine at Truthbook

Dear TruthBook Family,

We now have two styles of search engine for easier facilitation of finding that special passage or section that you want:

  1. The old, single-pane search that you are used to, and,
  2. a new, split-screen style search.

This is what the split-screen search looks like:

Truthbook Split Screen Search

Like our single-pane search engine, our new search engine will perform boolean searches. Here are examples of boolean searches:

Search term Returns files that contain
doctorate AND apples both doctorate and apples
"doctorate and apples" the phrase doctorate and apples
masters OR doctorate AND apples masters, or the combination of doctorate and apples
masters OR (doctorate AND apples) masters, or the combination of doctorate and apples
(masters OR doctorate) AND apples either masters or doctorate, and apples
masters OR doctorate NOT apples either masters or doctorate, but not apples

The search engine(s) can be found at:

Many people prefer to use the double-pane type of search because one can have the search results displayed in one column, while simultaneously invoking the master text in the other column, and still see the search form - all on the same page.

When one does an initial search, the middle column is blank. To fill it, click on any of the blue (paper:section.paragraph) numbers at the beginning of any of the paragraphs displayed in the right hand column. The middle column will then show where that paragraph occurs in The Urantia Book..

This improvement will enable you to do faster searches by wasting less time flipping through pages and using your browser's back button. Everything is displayed in one place, on one page.

Special thanks goes to Troy Bishop and The Urantia Book Fellowship for their creative ideas that inspired us to add a second search engine option on TruthBook for your usage. Now you can use our regular search engine or use the new split screen search engine. Enjoy!


Your TruthBook Team