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Dear Friends of TruthBook,

We hope that this greeting finds you and yours well and happy.

Transport Advisor by Jeff HaworthJeff Haworth

We want you to know that we've been working on our site, and have added a new collection to our picture gallery for your enjoyment and inspiration.

The new gallery collection is called Printable Posters - Abstract Art and it features 40 images of various personalities in The Urantia Book created by our brother Jeff Haworth.

These are high resolution pictures that can be printed. The recommended dimensions are displayed in the link alongside the image.

You can see this new gallery collection at:

You can contact Jeff at

The Living Universe by Chick MontgomeryChick Montgomery

In addition Jeff's collection, we want to call your attention to a lovely, informational, and inspiring poster (also high-resolution and printable) which was submitted to us by Charles "Chick" Montgomery, called The Living Universe:

As some of you may know, Chick died very suddenly in September. It was an unexpected shock to those who knew him, and he will be greatly missed in the Urantia community.

The good news is that Chick is well on his way in his eternal life, and for us, we can be happy knowing that we have his artistic legacy to enjoy. This poster would be a welcome addition on the walls of any Urantian!

These images are available to everyone. One can print them out on a PC printer, or - for best results, and to see them in their correct size - one can save the image to a flash (or "thumb") drive and take it to a professional service (such as Kinko's, or other similar place). The link to the larger graphics are on the right hand side of the images and say "Click Here to download..."

We hope that you will have fun leafing through Jeff's beautiful, colorful, and mind-bending images. They are largely images of our beloved Celestial Artisans, and are quite original and entertaining. And Chick's beautiful poster is bound to invite plenty of interest in your home.

Thanks again for being a part of the TruthBook family. We treasure each of you, and hope that the coming seasons of rest and reflection are made more enjoyable by the contemplation of these great images by Jeff Haworth and Chick Montgomery.

If you want some more famous Urantia Book posters to download and print, please go to:


Your TruthBook Team