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Forty two Urantia Book readers poured their hearts, minds and souls onto video as they share their thoughts about the Urantia Book and its effects on their lives. If you scroll down and click on the videos, you hear some remarkable testaments about how the beautiful teachings of the Urantia Book make you a better person. Let their stories super- charge your faith and renew your love of the Urantia Revelation.

So please join our film director and videographer, Eric Cosh with his host Jennifer Siegel as they talk with these people: Agustin Arellano, Pato Banton, Elisabeth Callahan, Nathan Clukey, Susan Cook, Diondra Dee, Costas Diamantopoulos, Avi Dogim, Janet Falbo, Ann Garner, Larry Geis, Daniel Glazer, Janet Graham, Rachel Graham, Earlene Green, Sioux Harvey, Gard Jameson, J.J. Johnson, Seppo Kanerva, John and Brandon Kimble, Diane Labrecque, Al Lockett, Sheila Lund, Chris Lupine, Anna Mellander MacIsaac, Michael MacIsaac, Jack Miller, Kailas Orjala, Temo Orjala, Thomas Orjala, K. Brendi Poppel, Ken Raveill, Jim Schelstrate, Phil Smith, Jesse Syverson, Phil Taylor, Paula Thompson, Andre Traversa, Jonah Vise, Tamara Wood, and Allison Zopel.

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What is the Urantia Book? - MovieWhat The Urantia Book means to me - MovieHow The Urantia Book changed my life - MovieThe Urantia Book on life after death - MovieJesus in The Urantia Book - MovieAllison Zopel's coma story - MoviePhil Smith's story about death - MovieHow I pray - Gard Jameson - Movie

May our Father's blessings be in your life,
The team at Truthbook

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