The New, Complete, Urantia Book Timeline

The New, Complete, Urantia Book Timeline

Urantia Book Timeline

Dear Friends,

It is our fondest desire to keep expanding and improving the Truthbook site so that we attract new readers - at the same time giving all of our old friends new and challenging tools to use in outreach, and for your own personal spiritual journeys. To that end, we have added a new feature for your consideration. has added a new study aid, the Urantia Book Timeline.
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This timeline is an amazing accomplishment, a beautiful document, and a true labor of love. We hope you will be pleased with it.

We will be modifying the timeline as time goes on; it is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all Urantia Book dated events but does provide information for many of its significant dates. Each date is linked directly to the specific place in The Urantia Book where it was mentioned, so that you can see in what context the date was used. It also has links to other articles of interest on other websites. It also has mouse-over information if there are dating discrepancies with current science.

If you have ever wondered about the range of dates and events listed in The Urantia Book, or if you have ever needed to find some precise dates in the whole of Jesus' life, this page is for you.

We anticipate that this timeline will become a major portal into the book as researchers, teachers, and students searching for meaningful dates find them associated with The Urantia Book. Please take a look and give us your feedback.

Your Truthbook team