New and improved Audio/Video features

Announcing new and improved Audio/Video features at

If you haven't visited Truthbook's Audio/Video section lately, we invite you to have a new look. The main index page is at .

Among the many new features, we'd like to call your attention to the following :



• Our newest Easter offering, Jesus Has Risen From The Dead, highlights several of the nineteen resurrection appearances of Jesus. This beautiful flash video contains the essence of the Master's teachings, delivered to various individuals and groups of his day, and these teachings are still relevant, meaningful and fresh today. Complete with voice-over, beautiful artwork, world-class photography and musical accompaniment, this poignant presentation inspires the viewer with a fresh perspective on the final chapter of Jesus' bestowal to Earth.


• In Jesus Loved The Children, we see a most loving aspect of the Master. Jesus truly did love humanity, and especially children, with an inspiring affection. In this flash video, Jesus' mandate to become like children as a prerequisite to entering the Kingdom is highlighted. A lilting tune, photography of happy children, beautiful artistic renderings of Jesus with children, and intimate voice-over are sure to make this flash movie a family favorite. Share this one with YOUR kids.


After You Die is a preview of the thrilling adventure that awaits each one of us following our earthly sojourn. Through beautiful imagery, stirring music, and voice-over, the viewer is taken to the first Mansion World for an inspirational idea of what The Urantia Book teaches is our "...real life. The ascending life." In matchless Urantia Book prose, we are indeed taken to a new world with the assurance that death is "only the beginning..."


• We mortals are so very blessed. We are fellowshipped by celestial personalities - it's true! Angels surround us and love us, and we are privileged to be host to a fragment of God himself. In You'll Never Walk Alone, both of these realities are beautifully explored with Urantia Book teachings, stirring and beautiful imagery, and a calming and serene musical accompaniment. This video will always soothe the Spirit in you, and help you to understand that you are a treasured part of the family of God.


• One of the first of Truthbook's flash videos, Jesus Light of the World gives us a portrayal of Jesus that will thrill and inspire. The Son of Man in all his glorious humanity and divinity shines through beautiful photography, artwork, and musical accompaniment. In new voice-over, the words of Jesus ring clear and ever-meaningful across the centuries to gather and motivate humanity once more. A wonderful, meditative, and soul-satisfying experience.


• In You Can Live Forever, the eternal nature of the love of God for each individual is beautifully portrayed with Urantia Book teachings. Inspiring, world-class nature photography, a friendly voice-over, and serene music set the stage for this exploration of the survival plan of mortal ascension. Reassuring, and full of hope and promise, this flash video will be a beautiful interlude in your busy day, and will give you a refreshing eternal viewpoint.


• Another of Truthbook's first flash videos, Finding God has been re-worked and improved. It is now complete with voice-over, improved imagery and state-of-the-art technology for your viewing pleasure. Anyone who desires a closer walk with God will thrill at this beautiful and inspiring portrayal of the Heavenly Father and his loving character. The Urantia Book revelation of God the Father is a matchless treasure to be enjoyed again and again.


• An early Truthbook video flash presentation, Who Was Jesus? has been updated and improved with voice-over, up-to-date technology, and seamless delivery. This portrayal of the character and personality of the Master is unlike any other. Gleaned from Urantia Book teachings, this presentation shows the Master as he really was. Jesus was the best of humanity, as well as the revealer and embodiment of Divinity, and he always inspires us to strive for the best in ourselves, too.

• There are also several interesting and inspirational flash movies from other sites which we have chosen as representative of Jesusonian ideals.

• At the bottom of the video section, you'll find Journey To Paradise as a powerpoint presentation - in English, and ten other languages. These are from our friends at SquareCircles.



• The entire Urantia Book can be downloaded as individual mp3 files or as bundled files that are zipped. Simply follow the instructions at . These files are amazing - many different voices give these readings of the Revelation a lot of interest, variety, and depth. You can listen to them on your iPod while you're on the move, or just kick back in your most comfortable of chairs while listening on your computer.

• Also in this section, you'll find the familiar Read and Listen to The Urantia Book. This allows one to read the text as one is listening to the audio.


• Pato Banton, international reggae performer, and devoted Urantia Book student, has recorded a series of Jesus' sermons which are now available in our Audio/Video section. These are truly wonderful recordings, accompanied by Pato's original music and in Pato's unique voice. Each of these 14 selections can be listened to with the click of the "Listen" button, and the entire text is also displayed, so that you get the most of Jesus' message - in sight and in sound. You can also purchase Pato's complete Words of Christ CD from here. The index page for Pato Banton's recordings is at


• Finally, we have added the speeches and broadcasts of Vern Bennom Grimsley for your further inspiration. If you have never heard of Vern, or have just never heard him speak, we invite you to delve into this feature. We have highlighted the top twenty broadcasts from the series. The index page for his works is at

We hope you will enjoy exploring the Audio/Video feature of our new site. In coming weeks, we hope to whet your interest with even more surprises. Stay tuned!

The Truthbook team