NASA's 10,000 Galaxies Image

NASA's 10,000 Galaxies Image

- Prompts Questions About Inhabited Worlds

Dear TruthBook Family and Friends,

10,000 Galaxies ImageWe recently saw an article that we want to share with you. Of all people on the planet today, Urantia Book readers will appreciate it most...

The article can be found HERE and in it you'll read that NASA cobbled together thousands of Hubble Telescope photos and came to the conclusion that they were seeing over 10,000 galaxies. We are not surprised, and I'm sure you aren't either! Please click on the image for an even better view.

The Urantia Book is such a rich source of information about the universe; it is only a matter of time before modern astronomy and science catches up, so we are always pleased to share these sorts of things with you.

The Urantia Book was finished in 1934, long before Hubble was even thought of; so, in light of this article, it is interesting to read:

In the not-distant future, new telescopes will reveal to the wondering gaze of Urantian astronomers no less than 375 million new galaxies in the remote stretches of outer space... ~ The Urantia Book, 12:2.3

We are just one inhabited planet in one galaxy - one planet among 10,000,000 planets here in our little corner of the universe. As we know, the universe is larger than our minds can easily comprehend, and the world is slowly coming to know it, too! We can only see as far as Hubble's capacities right now, but who knows what wonders man's telescopes may reveal in our grandchildrens' future?

There has been so much buzz in the world about extraterrestrial life and possible intelligence elsewhere in the universe. Many people have gotten the mistaken idea that The Urantia Book is sci-fi, simply because it informs us that we are not alone here on Urantia; this is unfortunate. As we know, our Creator Son ministers to many beings like us, but they are not aliens; they are children of God, as are we. It is a blessing that the teachings of The Urantia Book give us a logical and reasonable way to look at extraterrestrial life.

When Jesus incarnated here 2000 years ago, we are told in the teachings that he stood "for both Father and Son to the creatures of ten million inhabited worlds." And that's the number of inhabited worlds just in our (relatively) small part of the universe!

The Urantia Book papers about the Seven Superuniverses and the Local Universes are always intriguing, always good to look at and appreciate from time to time. And now that we're seeing more and more validation of The Urantia Book in the press, we'd do well to remind ourselves just how much there is yet for the world to discover!

The author of Paper 15, The Seven Superuniverses states:

"Only the Universal Father knows the location and actual number of inhabited worlds in space; he calls them all by name and number. I can give only the approximate number of inhabited or inhabitable planets, for some local universes have more worlds suitable for intelligent life than others. Nor have all projected local universes been organized. Therefore the estimates which I offer are solely for the purpose of affording some idea of the immensity of the material creation."

Click HERE to continue reading about the staggering size of the universe, and the unimaginable numbers of inhabited planets it in.

It is a thrilling time to witness the slow, but inevitable validation of Urantia Book teachings about the realms of space - the amazing creation in which our small planet (Urantia) has its place.

Have you been to TruthBook's Space Photography Gallery lately? There's no time like the present to refamiliarize yourself, through these amazing images and quotes, with the immensity, the glory, and the beauty of the Father's creation. If you like space photography, you'll really enjoy it when it's accompanied by Urantia Book teachings.

Finally, we invite you to take 5 minutes and savor this lovely video by Gary Tonge, called "Journey Through the Universe." Even if you've seen it before, you'll love it even more in light of these new developments in science. Jesus once referred to "other sheep not of this flock...;" no matter who may be out there, we rejoice to know that we are all beloved children of God.


Your TruthBook Team