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Free MP3 download and audio streaming of the Urantia Book For those of you who love your IPods or like listening to books on your computer, TruthBook and Urantia Foundation have a gift for you.

Some years ago, Brilliance - an audio books recording company - recorded the Urantia Book. The recording, read by numerous professionals, brings the beauty of the spoken word to the written truths found in the Urantia Book. For many years that recording sold on tape for $300 for the set.

A year ago Urantia Foundation converted the Brillance audio recording onto an MP3 CD set. That high quality 7 CD's set currently sells for $39.95 at Urantia Foundation's web site at now offers Audio Streaming, plus the entire Urantia Book in a form that enables fast and free downloading.

1. Audio Streaming of the Book If you want to listen to the Urantia Book via your computer, it's now very simple.

* Click onto the Urantia Book picture at (or click here),

* Click on the link that says "The Urantia Book: Read and Listen"

* Go to the table of contents, pick a Paper (chapter) you want to read or listen to, go to that Paper and click the "play" part of the audio icon. (You might have to wait a few moments before clicking the play icon, since the audio download may take some time to buffer.) You can read and listen at the same time if you wish.

The icon looks like this

For example: If you click here you'll land on Paper 154. Try it for youself. But please be patient. These are big audio files.

2. Get your free MP3 download of the entire book.

The Urantia Book has been divided into 10 easy and quickly downloadable sections. We took the original MP3 recording, compressed the file size by two thirds (for fast download and occupying less space on your iPOD), and made it web friendly. You can download one section at a time and at your leisure.

* Go to

* Click on the link that says "Download The Urantia Book Audio Files".

* You will see that there are two options:

  1. "Download mp3 files". (Easiest to use but slightly longer download). Recommended.
  2. "Download zipped files that contain the mp3 files" (Faster download but more complicated usage). For experienced users only.

Choose whichever option suits your needs. When you down load the Urantia Book from TruthBook you can move those files into ITunes or Music Match if you wish.

A special thanks to Urantia Foundation for freely sharing their beautiful recording.

From the team at TruthBook