Two Brothers from Emmaus - A new addition to the Jesus Collection

Two Brothers from Emmaus
- A new addition to the Jesus Collection

Two Brothers from Emmaus by Michael Malm
Two Brothers from Emmaus by Michael Malm

Dear TruthBook Friends,

Jesus' seventh resurrection appearance is the subject of a beautiful new painting by Michael Malm. It is called Two Brothers From Emmaus. This fine work is one of the newest additions to TruthBook's Religious Art Gallery.

It is also part of The Untold Story of Jesus, the new modern biography from The Urantia Book’s teachings, available May 15th! To pre-order, CLICK HERE.

This resurrection story is well known in both the Bible and The Urantia Book. In the book of Luke this story is longer than many Bible stories about Jesus. But, it is not mentioned in any of the other gospels. The scene in The Urantia Book is rich with detail. And Michael’s painting gives the story a colorful warmth and intimacy.

This story is set against the warm, golden tones of the setting sun. We see Jacob, Jesus, and Cleopas standing and talking in front of a modest home set in the background. Cleopas, the elder brother, gestures towards the house as if in invitation to the stranger. Jacob, the younger brother, looks on as Jesus appears to say he must be on his way. But we know that Jesus does accept the brothers' invitation. Jesus and the brothers do enter the home and sit down to eat. It is then that Cleopas and Jacob realize that their guest is The Master just as he vanishes from their sight. And they waste no time hurrying the three miles back to Jerusalem to proclaim the risen Savior!

Setting the scene from The Walk With Two Brothers

“At Emmaus, about seven miles west of Jerusalem, there lived two brothers, shepherds, who had spent the Passover week in Jerusalem attending upon the sacrifices, ceremonials, and feasts. Cleopas, the elder, was a partial believer in Jesus; at least he had been cast out of the synagogue. His brother, Jacob, was not a believer, although he was much intrigued by what he had heard about the Master's teachings and works.

“On this Sunday afternoon, about three miles out of Jerusalem and a few minutes before five o'clock, as these two brothers trudged along the road to Emmaus, they talked in great earnestness about Jesus, his teachings, work, and more especially concerning the rumors that his tomb was empty, and that certain of the women had talked with him. Cleopas was half a mind to believe these reports, but Jacob was insistent that the whole affair was probably a fraud. While they thus argued and debated as they made their way toward home, the morontia manifestation of Jesus, his seventh appearance, came alongside them as they journeyed on. Cleopas had often heard Jesus teach and had eaten with him at the homes of Jerusalem believers on several occasions. But he did not recognize the Master even when he spoke freely with them.”

As the three men start to walk down the road together, Jesus asks them what they had been talking about. To their surprise, this stranger seems to know nothing about what had been going on in Jerusalem. So, they proceed to tell him all about the rumors about Jesus of Nazareth. They explain how people hoped he was the deliverer. But the authorities crucified him. And now, some women have claimed that his tomb is empty. These women claim that they even talked with him!

The three men continue walking together. And, as they walk, Jesus assures the brothers that he knows a lot about this man and his teachings. He asks if they recall how this Jesus taught of the Kingdom of heaven and the salvation of God. He asks the brothers whether they remember the many promises of the Deliverer. And he asks them, "Did you not understand how great was the gospel of the kingdom which this man delivered to you? Do you not perceive how great a salvation has come upon you?"

This dissertation of Jesus is very beautiful. Following this long and inspiring speech of the Master, we come to the scene of Michael's painting:

“By this time they had come near to the village where these brothers dwelt. Not a word had these two men spoken since Jesus began to teach them as they walked along the way. Soon they drew up in front of their humble dwelling place, and Jesus was about to take leave of them, going on down the road, but they constrained him to come in and abide with them. They insisted that it was near nightfall, and that he tarry with them. Finally Jesus consented, and very soon after they went into the house, they sat down to eat.”

To read the entire account from The Urantia Book, please see The Walk With Two Brothers

We pray that all of you are enjoying a new and joyous Springtime!


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