Living Water - A new addition to the Jesus Collection

Living Water

- A new addition to the Jesus Collection

Dear TruthBook Friends and Family,

We greet you with love and the best of hopes that your lives are peaceful, joyful, and filled with the love of God and service to the brotherhood. We are so blessed to be readers/students of The Urantia Book, living and learning of the joys sonship with God.

Water is probably the most important element for life here on earth, next to the air we breathe, so the painting that we are announcing today has a special significance. The story is that of Nalda, the Samaritan woman with whom Jesus had a meaningful encounter at Jacob's well.

The name of the painting is Living Water, and was created by one of the world’s finest religious artists. This makes this the third painting from the artist depicting beautiful moments in the life of our Master Son as he lived on earth. These new fine-art depictions of Jesus reside in the privately-owned and privately-funded collection of paintings which is now available for display on TruthBook.

Living Water by Michael Dudash

Living Water tells the story of the meeting of Jesus with Nalda, the Samaritan woman. It takes place at Jacob's well, a favored spot for drinking due to the quality of the water. Jesus asks Nalda for a drink, and quickly turns the conversation from his material thirst, to her spiritual thirst.

In the course of their conversation, Jesus reveals his intimate knowledge of Nalda's private life, and abruptly brings her attention to her own shortcomings, and her need for the living water that he offers to her. Because she is a Samaritan, she is more than shocked at the fact that Jesus, a Jew, should even speak to her - and now, he reveals knowledge of her that further astonishes her.

Most importantly, Jesus recognizes in Nalda a soul that is striving for a better way, and she responds to him by a wondering statement about the Deliverer that John promised:

"...I know, Sir, that John has preached about the coming of the Converter, he who will be called the Deliverer, and that, when he shall come, he will declare to us all things..."

Jesus answers, “I who speak to you am he.”

The Urantia Book teaches that "This was the first direct, positive, and undisguised pronouncement of his divine nature and sonship which Jesus had made on earth; and it was made to a woman, a Samaritan woman, and a woman of questionable character in the eyes of men up to this moment, but a woman whom the divine eye beheld as having been sinned against more than as sinning of her own desire and as now being a human soul who desired salvation, desired it sincerely and wholeheartedly, and that was enough."

In this beautiful painting, we clearly see the surprise in Nalda's eyes as Jesus speaks his words of truth to her. We can only imagine what it must have been like to have the Creator of a universe look into your soul. It is no wonder that "Nalda told John that Jesus had told her 'all I ever did.' ” Even though he merely mentioned one thing - the many men in her life - it was this special encounter with Jesus that brought to her own consciousness the facts and meanings of her life up to that time. Such was the power of Jesus as regards his understanding of human nature.

In the end, Jesus tells Nalda: “Woman, go your way; God has forgiven you. Henceforth you will live a new life. You have received the living water, and a new joy will spring up within your soul, and you shall become a daughter of the Most High.”

You can read the whole story in The Urantia Book HERE:

This story of the Samaritan woman at the well is one that is familiar to both Urantia Book readers and Bible-believing Christians. As always, we invite you to share this painting and its accompanying story with all of your friends and family who might have an interest.

And as always, we send you best wishes and love...


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