Latin American Readers Need Our Support to Host Book Fairs

Latin American Readers Need Our Support Now
to Host Book Fairs

$12,000 Needed Before September 30

Dear friends,

Last year, you sent more than 600 Spanish Urantia Books to Latin America. This year, let's support the Latin American community and sponsor book fairs. With your help Urantia Book readers will work the fairs in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru. Please help them spread the revelation. They need your donations.

We need $12,000 by the end of September.

Book fairs in Latin America are a family affair, and people attend them by the thousands. These fairs are visited by the general audience of book lovers, book distributors, and bookstore owners. If you want to introduce a book in a country, display it at a book fair! They are vital outreach tools and unite reader communities.

"Go into all the world proclaiming this gospel to all nations, to every man, woman, and child."
JesusThe Urantia Book, 165:6.3 (1824.6)

Let's do it together again as we did last year.
Great Teamwork - Amazing Results!

With you in service,

Tamara Strumfeld
Executive Director
On behalf of the trustees of Urantia Foundation

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