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Two New Studies at Truthbook: The Judas story and the Women Who Followed Jesus

In the week before Easter there was a lot of media interest regarding Judas. Especially regarding the recently discovered Gospel of Judas. Also, since the publishing of the best selling book, The Da Vinci Code, there has been a lot of media discussion about Mary Magdalene.

Accordingly, Truthbook.com has created some study materials for its users.

For example: We have collected - from various parts of the Urantia Book - information about Judas, and collated the materials so that they read as a biography of Judas. It is an interesting tale, especially if one wanted some guidance on what to avoid on one's journey. The chilling finale is in the section labeled "Causes Of Judas' Downfall". Gripping stuff.
Similarly, we have isolated the material regarding the women involved in Jesus's life, including of course the ever intriguing Mary Magdelene, and put them into one collection of documents. OK, without peeking or asking someone else - and off the top of your head - what is the first number that comes to mind when you are asked these questions: "How many Marys were there, in total?". "How many Marys were at the crucifixion?".

Judas Iscariot can be found at:
(Be patient. It is a big document.)

The Women Who Followed Jesus can be found at:

When we say "we" created the above, we actually mean that MaryJo Garascia constructed the Judas document and Rebecca Kantor and MaryJo Garascia did the The Women Who Followed Jesus . We just prettified them to our own taste.

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