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Dear Friends of TruthBook,

During the next few weeks, two thousand years ago, Jesus appeared in his morontia body 19 separate times to over 1000 people. The two paintings in this email are part of the new Jesusonian art collection and painted by the great Biblical artist Harold Copping. These paintings were created in water color and used in illustrated Bibles at the turn of the 19th century. Both paintings represent Copping’s idea of how the resurrected Master looked.

His words to the 1000 people who witnessed his appearances still apply today. He sends his Spirit of Truth to guide us to him and the Father in heaven. He also commanded his followers to live a selfless life of loving devotion.

Celebrating the resurrected Master Son of Nebadon,
Your team at TruthBook

Come Unto Me by Harold Copping Jesus' Final Teachings - The Resurrection Appearances

"Peace be upon you. In the fellowship of the kingdom there shall be neither Jew nor gentile, rich nor poor, free nor bond, man nor woman.
~ (190:3.1) (The 5th Appearance)

"Freely you have received this gospel of the kingdom, and you will freely give the good news to all nations. Fear not the resistance of evil, for I am with you always, even to the end of the ages. And my peace I leave with you."
~ (191:4.4) (The 10th Appearance)

"As the Father sent me into the world, so send I you. As I have revealed the Father, so shall you reveal the divine love, not merely with words, but in your daily living. I send you forth, not to love the souls of men, but rather to love men."
~ (191:5.3) (The 11th Appearance)

"And you are all to proclaim this gospel of love and truth by the lives which you live in the flesh. You shall love one another with a new and startling affection, even as I have loved you. You will serve mankind with a new and amazing devotion, even as I have served you."
~ (191:6.2) (The 12th Appearance)

"Go you, therefore, into all the world preaching this gospel, and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the ages."
~ (191:6.3) (The 12th Appearance)

"Devote your life to proving that love is the greatest thing in the world. It is the love of God that impels men to seek salvation. Love is the ancestor of all spiritual goodness, the essence of the true and the beautiful."
~ (192:2.1) (The 13th Appearance)

"Cease to fear men; be unafraid to preach the good news of eternal life to your fellows who languish in darkness and hunger for the light of truth."
~ (192:2.11) (The 13th Appearance)

Jesus raised from the Dead by Harold Copping"When, by living faith, you become divinely God-conscious, you are then born of the spirit as children of light and life, even the eternal life wherewith you shall ascend the universe of universes and attain the experience of finding God the Father on Paradise. "
~ (193:0.3) (The 16th Appearance)

"That which the world needs most to know is: Men are the sons of God, and through faith they can actually realize, and daily experience, this ennobling truth. "
~ (193:0.4) (The 16th Appearance)

"I lived my life in the flesh to show how you can, through loving service, become God-revealing to your fellow men even as, by loving you and serving you, I have become God-revealing to you."
~ (193:0.5) (The 16th Appearance)

"Peace be upon you. You rejoice to know that I am the resurrection and the life, but this will avail you nothing unless you are first born of the eternal spirit, thereby coming to possess, by faith, the gift of eternal life. If you are the faith sons of my Father, you shall never die; you shall not perish."
~ (193:1.2) (The 17th Appearance)

"Love men with the love wherewith I have loved you and serve your fellow mortals even as I have served you."
~ (193:5.2) (The 19th Appearance)

"By the spirit fruits of your lives impel souls to believe the truth that man is a son of God, and that all men are brethren. Remember all I have taught you and the life I have lived among you. My love overshadows you, my spirit will dwell with you, and my peace shall abide upon you. Farewell."
~ (193:5.2) (The 19th Appearance)

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