Jesus Meets Tiberius - A new painting

Jesus Meets Tiberius

- A new painting inspired by The Urantia Book

Dear TruthBook Family,

We joyfully announce Jesus Meets Tiberius, a beautiful new painting just completed by artist Slawa Radziszewska. You may remember Slawa, the remarkable artist responsible for several other fine-art paintings of Jesus, Ganid, and Gonod during their tour of the Mediterranean. Slawa’s paintings of the Master with Gonod and Ganid are most likely the first paintings ever done on this planet depicting this tour during the “lost years” of Jesus. This majestic painting is 3’ by 4’ and took Slawa many months to create. Someday this painting, along with all the others, will hang in a museum so millions of people can remember and celebrate the Master’s life on earth.

Jesus Meets Tiberius by Slawa Radziszewska

This painting depicts a briefly noted, but quite amazing episode in the Master's life. It took place during his nearly two-year sojourn through the Mediterranean regions with Gonod and Ganid, the wealthy Indian merchant and son with whom Jesus traveled. Jesus was employed by Gonod to act as a translator for him and tutor to his young son, Ganid. Soon after their arrival in Rome, the trio were received by the Roman ruler, Tiberius. Imagine how this scene was viewed from the heavenly worlds. The Creator Son of the Local Universe of Nebadon meeting with the unsuspecting most powerful political leader on Urantia.

Here is the story:
132:0.1 Since Gonod carried greetings from the princes of India to Tiberius, the Roman ruler, on the third day after their arrival in Rome the two Indians and Jesus appeared before him. The morose emperor was unusually cheerful on this day and chatted long with the trio. And when they had gone from his presence, the emperor, referring to Jesus, remarked to the aide standing on his right, “If I had that fellow’s kingly bearing and gracious manner, I would be a real emperor, eh?”

132:4.3 "...during the sojourn in Rome, Jesus personally came into affectionate and uplifting contact with upward of five hundred mortals of the realm. He thus gained a knowledge of the different races of mankind which he could never have acquired in Jerusalem and hardly even in Alexandria. He always regarded this six months as one of the richest and most informative of any like period of his earth life."

In this colorful painting, you witness the scene of the Roman emperor in his finery receiving the three travelers. You see the emperor's cool assessment of the Master and the bemusement of the emperor's attendants as Jesus, with his customary calmness, commands the attention of this powerful earthly ruler, ultimately impressing the emperor by nothing so much as his presence and bearing. You’ll notice Ganid’s intense stare at Tiberius with a look on his face that feels very protective of Jesus and uncertain of Tiberius. And do you see the beam of sun light Slawa painted highlighting Jesus? So elegant and powerful.

The Urantia Book, again, proves its worth in providing us with yet another fascinating vignette from the Master's life - a scene that is virtually unknown outside of Urantian circles - a scene that once again demonstrates the richness and variety of the human life of Jesus. And as we know, the knowledge of the life of Jesus is the most important knowledge that we can acquire.

Please go to our Gallery, where you can view this, and other inspiring paintings of Jesus, created by a host of talented artisans in the Mo and Jennifer Siegel Collection.

We hope that you, your friends, and family are enjoying another Springtime of renewal on our beautiful planet - Urantia. May you always experience the fullness of joy that belongs to the faith-children of God.


Your TruthBook Team