Jesus Heals The Paralytic - A new addition to the Jesus Collection

Jesus Heals the Paralytic

- A new addition to the Jesus Collection

Dear Friends and Family,

Once again, we wish to introduce you to a recently acquired fine-art painting of Jesus. Unlike many of the newer paintings of Jesus which show scenes of Jesus’ life that are only revealed in The Urantia Book, this scene will be familiar - not only to those who read The Urantia Book - but also to your Bible-reading associates.

Jesus Heals The Paralytic by Harold CoppingThe painting is called Jesus Heals the Paralytic, and is the work of an artist whose name you might recognize: Harold Copping. The addition of several of Copping’s paintings has enlarged the private collection of Jesus art that we have been showing to you over the past several months.

Harold Copping was a British artist, born in Camden Town on August 25, 1863, the second son of Edward Copping (a journalist) and Rose Heathilla (nee Prout), the daughter of J. S. Prout, the water-color artist. Copping was a notable illustrator of Biblical scenes and in order to achieve some authenticity in his work (notably an illustrated edition of The Bible published in 1910) he traveled to Palestine and Egypt. This version was a best-seller and led to many more commissions for Copping.

This colorful and inspiring painting depicts the occasion upon which a paralyzed, bed-ridden man - unwilling to take the chance that he might not get to see Jesus - arranges for his friends to take him where Jesus was preaching. This man had not only the faith that Jesus could help him, but he had a persistent faith, not to be denied. When they were unable to bring him in through the front door, he had his friends lower him into the room through the roof, bed and all. And he was not disappointed. Jesus indeed did heal him, and bade him to rise up and walk back home, which he did.

You can read the entire story HERE

It is a good lesson for all of us, this idea of cultivating a persistent faith.

Elsewhere in The Urantia Book we read:

“The success of your Adjuster in the enterprise of piloting you through the mortal life and bringing about your survival depends not so much on the theories of your beliefs as upon your decisions, determinations, and steadfast faith. All these movements of personality growth become powerful influences aiding in your advancement because they help you to co-operate with the Adjuster; they assist you in ceasing to resist.” 110:3.2

We hope that you enjoy this Harold Copping painting of the Master. It has been added to the growing collection of world-class art that is now available to TruthBook - for your enjoyment, your inspiration - and most of all, for sharing with your friends, family, and associates.

We love you and always wish the best for you on your spiritual walk through life on Urantia.


Your TruthBook Team