Jesus Has Risen!

Dear Truthbook Friends,

A warm Easter season greeting to all of you, from all of us here at Truthbook.

Today is Good Friday, as the world reckons things...But, as we Urantia Book reader/believers rejoice to know, Jesus has already risen as of yesterday, April 9 (AD 30). And so, we wish to celebrate his glorious resurrection today to bring cheer, hope and inspiration to you.

Click Here to see video: Jesus Has Risen from the Dead

He is Risen!!! The Master once again assumes his role as the leader of the Local Universe.

I know that you share our joy and gratitude at knowing the Master, his life, and his teachings through the Revelation of The Urantia Book. We are truly blessed that the Creator Son and leader of 10,000,000 inhabited worlds lived on our world as Jesus of Nazareth.

The Urantia Book has given us an unprecendented account of the Master's resurrection, and from that, we have culled some of the most inspiring of all the Master's nineteen resurrection appearances for this presentation that we call "Jesus Has Risen From The Dead." These thrilling and inspiring messages were among the last that Jesus ever gave to his followers. And as his modern-day followers, we can still freely take them to heart, as his advice is ever-fresh, ever-relevant.

In these times of uncertainty about all things worldly, we trust that "Jesus Has Risen From The Dead" will be a blessing on your life, and we urge to you freely forward it to all of your friends and family who share your love of Jesus. Only the timeless advice of the Master can provide assurance, peace, and joy of an eternal nature.

Click Here to see video: Who was Jesus

And as an added inspiration, we are enclosing one of our earliest flash movies titled "Who Was Jesus?"

This fine presentation presents the Master in all of his humanness, his Divinity, his humility and his devotion to God and mankind. We hope you'll take the time to enjoy "Who Was Jesus," again.

Please accept these Easter gifts from us, and pass them on!

A Happy Easter To All!


The Truthbook Team