Jesus at the Alexandrian Library - A new painting

Jesus, Ganid, and Gonod at the Library in Alexandria

- A new painting inspired by The Urantia Book

Jesus at the Alexandrian Library by Slawa RadziszewskaThe team at is thrilled to announce the very latest completed art commission in the growing body of world-class paintings depicting events in Jesus' life which are only found in The Urantia Book. This new painting, "Jesus at the Alexandrian Library", depicts the setting of Ganid and Jesus studying the world's religious teachings about God.  One of the most significant facts that inspired this painting was that the entire Paper 131 The World's Religions was based on the excerpts that Jesus and Ganid discovered while researching at the Alexandrian Library. 

This scene also depicts Gonod, Ganid's wealthy merchant father and the research financer, accompanying Ganid and Jesus at the library at Alexandria - at that time, the "greatest in the world." We see Jesus seated with Ganid, perusing some of the manuscripts, while Gonod looks on before going to see to his business matters. The original painting was created by Slawa Radziszewska. Slawa did extensive research on the historical elements of the clothing and the library.  To the best of what she discovered, this painting accurately portrays the actual You can learn more about this era in Alexandria Egypt in the book "The Rise and Fall of Alexandria: Birthplace of the Modern Mind" by Justin Pollard and Howard Reid.

The details of this beautiful painting can be found in the following story: "At Alexandria," and the particular text follows here:

"By the fourth hour after landing they were settled near the eastern end of the long and broad avenue, one hundred feet wide and five miles long, which stretched on out to the western limits of this city of one million people. After the first survey of the city's chief attractions—university (museum), library, the royal mausoleum of Alexander, the palace, temple of Neptune, theater, and gymnasium—Gonod addressed himself to business while Jesus and Ganid went to the library, the greatest in the world. Here were assembled nearly a million manuscripts from all the civilized world: Greece, Rome. Palestine, Parthia, India, China, and even Japan. In this library Ganid saw the largest collection of Indian literature in all the world; and they spent some time here each day throughout their stay in Alexandria. Jesus told Ganid about the translation of the Hebrew scriptures into Greek at this place. And they discussed again and again all the religions of the world, Jesus endeavoring to point out to this young mind the truth in each, always adding: "But Yahweh is the God developed from the revelations of Melchizedek and the covenant of Abraham. The Jews were the offspring of Abraham and subsequently occupied the very land wherein Melchizedek had lived and taught, and from which he sent teachers to all the world; and their religion eventually portrayed a clearer recognition of the Lord God of Israel as the Universal Father in heaven than any other world religion."

"Under Jesus' direction Ganid made a collection of the teachings of all those religions of the world which recognized a Universal Deity, even though they might also give more or less recognition to subordinate deities. After much discussion Jesus and Ganid decided that the Romans had no real God in their religion, that their religion was hardly more than emperor worship. The Greeks, they concluded, had a philosophy but hardly a religion with a personal God. The mystery cults they discarded because of the confusion of their multiplicity, and because their varied concepts of Deity seemed to be derived from other and older religions.

"Although these translations were made at Alexandria, Ganid did not finally arrange these selections and add his own personal conclusions until near the end of their sojourn in Rome. He was much surprised to discover that the best of the authors of the world's sacred literature all more or less clearly recognized the existence of an eternal God and were much in agreement with regard to his character and his relationship with mortal man."

Jesus traveled with this fortunate Indian couple as translator and tutor for nearly two years; this trip through the Roman world comprises period of Jesus' life about which the world has been completely unaware prior to the revelation of The Urantia Book.

For a complete background on Jesus' tour of the Mediterranean world with his Indian companions, please see The Twenty-Ninth Year (A.D. 23)

And to read the complete section detailing the adventures of the three travelers throughout the Roman world, please see On The Way To Rome.

We hope you enjoy this beautiful new painting. It now joins the others already done to comprise the most complete body of artwork depicting the Bible's "lost years of Jesus" now told in The Urantia Book. Our fondest hope is that these scenes of Jesus' life will inspire believers everywhere to explore the matchless life of Jesus as we have been given it in The Urantia Book, and to appreciate this very "human Jesus" living the life of a son of man as well as a Son of God.

What an awakening the world would experience if it could only see Jesus as he really lived on earth and know, firsthand, his life-giving teachings! 195:9.8


Your TruthBook Team