Jairus' Daughter - A new addition to the Jesus Collection

Jairus' Daughter
- A new painting inspired by The Urantia Book

Jairus' Daughter by Jeremy WinborgDear TruthBook Friends and Family,

We're very excited and happy to bring you another new painting of Jesus inspired by the revelation of his life in The Urantia Book!

Today we present Jairus' Daughter by the Mormon artist Jeremy Winborg. This sweet, impressionist painting is perfectly suited to the story of Jesus' waking the sleeping girl, beloved daughter of the synagogue official, Jairus. We see the sleepy, dazed-looking child responding to the friendly face and voice of the Master as he wakens her from deep sleep. The riot of color and shape in the painting may speak to the viewer of the spiritual energies that would have been active in the room. It is full of life!

On the way to Jairus’ home, there is an episode of faith healing that Jesus performs. A woman in the crowd was healed of the scourging hemorrhage when she touched the hem of Jesus' garment. Jesus acknowledged "living energy had gone forth" from him in direct response to her faith. "Her faith was of the sort that laid direct hold upon the creative power resident in the Master's person." "[Jesus] desired all to know that it was her pure and living faith that had wrought the cure," and not a miracle, although it still seems like a miracle, even today.

The raising of Jairus' daughter wasn’t a miracle either, despite what many have believed, both then and now. It was a matter of Jesus' awakening the girl, who was in a deep sleep. Jesus explained "that the maiden had been in a state of coma following a long fever, and that he had merely aroused her, that he had not raised her from the dead." Nonetheless, no one believed him; "it was futile; they all believed he had raised the little girl from the dead. What Jesus said in explanation of many of these apparent miracles had little effect on his followers. They were miracle-minded and lost no opportunity to ascribe another wonder to Jesus."

The common thread in both of these episodes is the element of FAITH. The woman with the scourging hemorrhage was healed through her faith. And we must assume that Jairus' daughter was likewise awakened from her coma through her father's faith. Jesus advised Jairus, as he entered the house: “Fear not; only believe.”

The revelators tell us:

“Jesus' apostles, let alone the common people, could not understand the nature and attributes of this God-man. Neither has any subsequent generation been able to evaluate what took place on earth in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. And there can never occur an opportunity for either science or religion to check up on these remarkable events for the simple reason that such an extraordinary situation can never again occur, either on this world or on any other world in Nebadon. Never again, on any world in this entire universe, will a being appear in the likeness of mortal flesh, at the same time embodying all the attributes of creative energy combined with spiritual endowments which transcend time and most other material limitations.

“Never before Jesus was on earth, nor since, has it been possible so directly and graphically to secure the results attendant upon the strong and living faith of mortal men and women. To repeat these phenomena, we would have to go into the immediate presence of Michael, the Creator, and find him as he was in those days — the Son of Man. Likewise, today, while his absence prevents such material manifestations, you should refrain from placing any sort of limitation on the possible exhibition of his spiritual power. Though the Master is absent as a material being, he is present as a spiritual influence in the hearts of men. By going away from the world, Jesus made it possible for his spirit to live alongside that of his Father which indwells the minds of all mankind.” The Urantia Book 152:1.4

To repeat: we are to "refrain from placing any sort of limitation on the possible exhibition of his spiritual power."

What better invitation to cultivate that kind of faith that could call forth the Master's spiritual power in our 21st century lives! What a comfort! What a joy! How fortunate we are to HAVE the presence of Michael's good spirit in our lives and to KNOW that he is here. Our sacred obligation is to share this knowledge with our brothers and sisters who are in need of his spiritual healing touch!

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It's such a great pleasure to bring you Jairus' Daughter by Jeremy Winborg. It now resides with the rest of the collection at TruthBook.com. As always, we invite you to share this painting with your seeking friends and family who want to know more about Jesus and his life.

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Your TruthBook Team