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Friends of TruthBook,

Right now billions of people feel a bit insecure with the financial crisis negatively effecting much of the world. Whether we wanted it or not, change has come upon us. These are the perfect times to let the Divine Father’s love keep your life inwardly secure as you and your family steer through tougher times. So open up the attached PowerPoint presentation and feel good about God and your life!!!

The PowerPoint presentation is attached to this email. You’ll notice this presentation comes in PowerPoint, not TruthBook's usual Flash or video presentations. It's created this way so you can easily forward this email presentation to your family and friends. By simply clicking your email's forward button and adding your friend’s email address, you can spread the Revelation’s magnificent promise of the Father's love for each human being.

Truth grows, pass it on.

From the TruthBook Team


If you cannot view the presentation, please download the appropriate PowerPoint Viewer:

*PowerPoint Viewer 2003 for Windows
*PowerPoint 98 Viewer for Macintosh

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