I am He - A new addition to the Jesus Collection

I Am He
- A new addition to the Jesus Collection

I Am He by Walter Rane
I Am He by Walter Rane

Dear TruthBook Friends,

Today we introduce you to a dramatic new painting by Walter Rane, called I Am He. The painting tells the story of the moment of Jesus' arrest in the garden of Gethsemane.

This story from Jesus' last day of freedom is one that is well known from both the Bible and The Urantia Book. But, because of the revelation of The Urantia Book we know much more than ever before. Nowhere else is this story told in such detail. And nowhere else will you see a painting quite like this one. We are thrilled to have this wonderful new painting in our Religious Art Gallery. It will also be included in The Untold Story of Jesus, coming soon!

This painting is a unique confluence of many elements. We see Jesus, Judas, the Roman soldiers, Peter and a band of believers rushing in, and celestial beings. Very few artists are capable of painting such a complex setting. Walter was willing and thrilled to take on this difficult commission. When the painting was finished, we asked him to title the painting “Worlds in Collision.” But Walter insisted we title it “I Am He.” He wished to emphasize the dignity, composure, and bravery Jesus displayed when faced with betrayal and arrest. We are thankful for his skill and spiritual dedication exhibited in this painting.

Setting the Scene

It is close to midnight as Judas and the band of soldiers and guards approach Jesus in the moonlit garden. He had been expecting them as he sat alone on the olive press. The Master had hoped to be far enough away from the apostles so they would not be in danger of arrest, too. But, it did not work out that way.

Here is an excerpt from the story of the Master’s arrest in The Urantia Book that describes the scene:

“As soon as Peter, James, and John, with some thirty of their fellow campers, saw the armed band with torches swing around the brow of the hill, they knew that these soldiers were coming to arrest Jesus, and they all rushed down to near the olive press where the Master was sitting in moonlit solitude. As the company of soldiers approached on one side, the three apostles and their associates approached on the other. As Judas strode forward to accost the Master, there the two groups stood, motionless, with the Master between them and Judas making ready to impress the traitorous kiss upon his brow.

“Jesus made one last effort to save Judas from actually betraying him in that, before the traitor could reach him, he stepped to one side and, addressing the foremost soldier on the left, the captain of the Romans, said, ‘Whom do you seek?’ The captain answered, ‘Jesus of Nazareth.’ Then Jesus stepped up immediately in front of the officer and, standing there in the calm majesty of the God of all this creation, said, ‘I am he.’”

The torch-lit scene is alive with movement and terrible beauty. The Roman guards and everyone else in the painting appear to be in motion. We see Judas holding his torch to illuminate the face of the Master as the guards rush up behind him on one side. On the other side we see the followers of Jesus as they storm the scene, hoping to intervene. But Jesus is at rest, arms at his sides, defenseless. His face shows calm acceptance and a beautiful, but sad, serenity as he addresses the chief of the guards. Walter's painting brings this scene to vivid life.

At the top of the painting we see part of the "legion of angels" who stand ready to respond should they be summoned. But Jesus does not command them; instead, they watch along with us, as the scene unfolds.

Walter, an acclaimed religious artist, used light to distinguish the angels. His interpretation of the angels is unique. They hover without traditional "wings" in keeping with Urantia Book description. That's not something you'll see anywhere else!

Only in The Urantia Book do we learn so many details of this familiar story from Jesus’ life. The excerpt above is only a small part of this gripping story. You can read the entire account from The Urantia Book at this link: The Master’s Arrest.

I Am He now resides in TruthBook’s Religious Art Gallery. You can access the painting HERE. Walter’s work is also included in our new book: The Untold Story of Jesus, coming out in the spring.

We are very pleased to be able to share this painting from Walter Rane with you. And there are more new paintings to come.

Until the next time, we wish all the best to you and yours.


Your TruthBook Team