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Special Edition on How The Urantia Book Changed My Life


You may have noticed that is a site devoted to disseminating The Urantia Book. We currently get 3,000 unique visitors a day and many write to tell us how much they appreciate being able to find such meaningful material on the web.

We have found that a personal testimony from readers about how much the book has meant to them is a very effective way to encourage others to explore the book for themselves. Recently, two new stories were submitted to us and we wanted to share them with you in hopes that you too will decide to write down what the book means to you and how it has changed your life.

Your story doesn't have to be long or complicated, just heartfelt. You can submit your story to us by sending it to or go to the site and select “How The Urantia Book Changed My Life” from the left navigation bar. From there you will see a list of all the stories with an option to “Submit Your Own Story” at the bottom of the page. Just select that option and go from there. Our goal is to have at least 100 stories posted on the site in the next few months.

Following are the two great stories that came in recently:

A Death on the Street
Submitted by James Patten

I commanded the 9th Support Group at Ft. Douglas in Salt Lake City in Dec., 1998. My Sergeant Major and I decided to eat lunch at the Training Table and on the way passed an accident where a pedestrian was killed. We went on to eat and a discussion ensued concerning what happened to the man's spirit after he died.

We discussed the matter for a few moments and out of the blue a thought/voice came into my head. I was just sitting there staring at my Sergeant Major when he asked, "Is everything okay, sir!" I replied, "A voice in my head is telling me to go buy a book! Is there a book store around here?" He replied, "Yes sir, there's a Barns and Noble across the street." He took me across the street and the clerk greeted us at the door. He asked, "Can I help you?" I told him I need to find a book. He asked me what the title was and with a look of embarrassment I said, "I don't know!" Then he asked, "Who is the author?" To which I replied,” I don't know that either." He started to laugh and realizing how funny it was, I laughed with him and then asked if he had a religious or spiritual section. He took me to the middle of a long row of books; he was on my left and my Sergeant Major on my right. How stupid I must have looked but at the time I didn't care; I just stood back and started scanning the shelves from left to right. I got about half way and nothing was coming to me, so I started scanning again. As my eyes scanned all the way to the right end of the shelves, I noticed a big white box. Again, a thought/voice came into my head and told me, "That's it!" I walked up to it and asked the clerk what was in the box and he stated, "It's the Urantia Book." I asked him,"Urantia Book, what's that? I've never heard of it." "It's about God" he said.

I paid for the book and that evening began to read it straight through and finished it in two months. After finishing the last page, another thought/voice entered my head, "Read it seven times!" And so, I give this site my story; seven years later (August 2004), after having finished reading the Urantia Book completely through for the seventh time.

The Urantia Book has completely changed my views on life! I have a much greater appreciation for people and many of my questions about life, this universe, and most importantly...about God have been answered. I can hardly go a day without reading it and I gain new understandings each time. I hope you too will enjoy the Master's gift to us here on Earth and enjoy your wonderful life!

God Bless! James Patten

Seek and You Will Find
Submitted by Jeff Maki

As someone who received a degree in Geological Engineering, I knew first hand that the geologic history of the earth certainly didn't match the Creationist’s theory of the earth. I also knew that evolution was a fact of life on this planet. Yet, I also knew in my heart of the existence of God, and through my Catholic upbringing I believed in Christ. So many times I told others that I believed that evolution and geologic history were part of God's process, although I never really had any texts to back me up.

Then I went and saw the movie "The Passion of the Christ" with my neighbor. I left the theater with a sense of peace and a confirmed knowledge that we are all here on a Godly Mission to expand His love. A couple of nights later I had an incredible dream (so very, very real). In the dream I sat with Jesus Christ and the apostles and received bread from his hand (communion as the Catholics would say). The next day, I saw an advertisement link on the internet to and literally digested and engulfed the words on Jesus' life that are featured on the site. The amazing thing is that in the portion of the Book that describes the history of the earth, it mentions a series of rock beds in Montana that I myself studied in my college field camp. I knew more than ever that the knowledge is this book was indeed sublime and this book has brought me to a new pinnacle of faith and hope that seems to continually grow each day.

My challenge now is to bring my life experience and my decisions and my actions up to the reality of the inspiration I feel. I've got to walk the talk, walk the gift that has been given me. For the first time, I love engaging cranky Old Testament fundamentalists with a loving "Jesus" centered message and gently reminding them (and myself) that Jesus word, being and presence truly are about love, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness and worship of God the Father. GOD IS LOVE. So let go and let GOD!

I bid you all His Peace and Love, Jeff