Gethsemane Prayer - A new addition to the Jesus Collection

Gethsemane Prayer
- A new addition to the Jesus Collection

Gethsemane Prayer by Yongsung Kim
Gethsemane Prayer by Yongsung Kim

Dear TruthBook Friends,

The story of Jesus alone in Gethsemane is one that is well-known from the Bible and brilliantly portrayed in The Urantia Book. The scene is one of great sorrow and agony for the Master as he prepared to "drink the cup" that the Father expected of him. Jesus suffered terribly through this ordeal, yet emerged triumphant. "He made his human heart strong and ready to encounter the traitor who should so soon betray him." Today we share a new artistic portrayal of this time of anguish, prayer, and inspiration for Jesus. Created by Yongsung Kim, the commissioned painting is called: Gethsemane Prayer.

For Yongsung Kim, this painting was difficult. His vision of the angel was the traditional Biblical image of wings. He tried many variations of an angel with friction shields, not wings. It was difficult to explain to Yongsung that angels do not have wings with feathers. They are higher spiritual beings that traverse space. Angels need their shields to protect themselves as they journey from world to world. We finally settled on using light to portray the shields of the mighty angel that stood by Jesus during this hour of agony.

Yongsung Kim is a new name in TruthBook’s Religious Art Gallery, but he is well known for his portrayals of Jesus. He decided to "live a life devoted to bringing glory to God" after praying for direction in his artistic life. He says: "I felt I had been blessed with natural talent and aesthetic taste and I began a life as a Christian artist." Gethsemane Prayer is part of the new book coming out soon: The Untold Story of Jesus

The scene unfolds on Thursday night, shortly after the last group prayer. Everyone had returned to camp and Jesus was "heavy-laden and sorrowful." Taking Peter, James, and John with him, the Master led the way up into a ravine to pray. He asked them to watch with him as he prayed. But they kept falling asleep.

From The Urantia Book:

“The Master remained in a prayerful attitude for a few moments, and then, going over to the three apostles, he found them sound asleep, for their eyes were heavy and they could not remain awake. As Jesus awoke them, he said: ‘What! can you not watch with me even for one hour? Cannot you see that my soul is exceedingly sorrowful, even to death, and that I crave your companionship?’ After the three had aroused from their slumber, the Master again went apart by himself and, falling down on the ground, again prayed: ‘Father, I know it is possible to avoid this cup—all things are possible with you—but I have come to do your will, and while this is a bitter cup, I would drink it if it is your will.’ And when he had thus prayed, a mighty angel came down by his side and, speaking to him, touched him and strengthened him.”

Although the painting is somber in tone, the pure light of the mighty angel shines into the gloom. We know that this messenger was of great help to Jesus, even when the human help he craved had failed.

“Each time he prayed in the garden, his humanity laid a firmer faith-hold upon his divinity; his human will more completely became one with the divine will of his Father. Among other words spoken to him by the mighty angel was the message that the Father desired his Son to finish his earth bestowal by passing through the creature experience of death just as all mortal creatures must experience material dissolution in passing from the existence of time into the progression of eternity.”

The Urantia Book offers the reader a unique window into the Master’s mind and heart:

“Earlier in the evening it had not seemed so difficult to drink the cup, but as the human Jesus bade farewell to his apostles and sent them to their rest, the trial grew more appalling. Jesus experienced that natural ebb and flow of feeling which is common to all human experience, and just now he was weary from work, exhausted from the long hours of strenuous labor and painful anxiety concerning the safety of his apostles. While no mortal can presume to understand the thoughts and feelings of the incarnate Son of God at such a time as this, we know that he endured great anguish and suffered untold sorrow, for the perspiration rolled off his face in great drops. He was at last convinced that the Father intended to allow natural events to take their course; he was fully determined to employ none of his sovereign power as the supreme head of a universe to save himself.

“Before Judas and the soldiers arrived, the Master had fully regained his customary poise; the spirit had triumphed over the flesh; faith had asserted itself over all human tendencies to fear or entertain doubt. The supreme test of the full realization of the human nature had been met and acceptably passed. Once more the Son of Man was prepared to face his enemies with equanimity and in the full assurance of his invincibility as a mortal man unreservedly dedicated to the doing of his Father’s will.”

To read the entire story, please see "Alone In Gethsemane."

The Urantia Book adds a great deal of color and context to this familiar story. We witness the inner workings of the Master's mind and heart as he grapples with the reality of what is to come. And we witness his final triumph over fear and doubt. This is detail that is found nowhere else but in The Urantia Book. And, this window into Jesus’ trials stirs the heart of the reader. It is a great gift to share such an intimate and important time in Jesus' life. Yongsung Kim's poignant painting brings the scene to life.

The new book called The Untold Story of Jesus is getting nearer to being a reality! And, Yongsung Kim's painting of the beloved Gethsemane scene will be part of it. For now, you can see it here in our Gallery.

We have still more fine art paintings of Jesus in The Urantia Book to share, so expect to hear from us again soon.


Your TruthBook Team