Free Urantia Book apps for iPod-iPhone

NEW! Download the complete text of The Urantia Book for free on your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Dear Friends,

Big Blue Book app on iPhoneAt last! A completely portable electronic version of The Urantia Book - download for FREE!

A dedicated reader has created an application (app) for your iPod Touch or your iPhone called "Big Blue Book." With just a few clicks, and in only a few minutes, you can have the complete text of The Urantia Book installed and at your fingertips.

The app includes not only the complete English text but the whole of The Urantia Book in Spanish, French, Russian, German and Italian! People from 77 countries are able to download it. In addition, it includes handy features like bookmarks, random quotes, and a capability to enlarge the font size, among other user-friendly features.

There are two ways to get this amazing feature for your device:

1. On Your Computer:

Open up iTunes on your computer and search for either "Big Blue Book" or "Urantia".

The "Big Blue Book" app will show up on the first page under "Applications" and it'll have a button next to it that says "Get App". Clicking that will automatically start the download to your computer.

The file size is 19.7 MB, so if you have a slower internet connection (such as dial up), you'll need to be a little patient with the download. Otherwise, it downloads in a matter of moments.

Once the app is on your computer, simply plug in your iPhone or iPod Touch and sync it with your computer; the app will automatically be transferred over and installed.

2: On your iPhone or iPod Touch:

Go to "App Store," which is present on newer iPhones and iPod touches (those sold in the past year or so).

Tap and go to "Search", and type in "Big Blue Book" or "Urantia." The app will pop up for you, and can be downloaded directly to the device.

You'll need to be connected to a wifi network in order to be able to obtain "Big Blue Book" this way.

Imagine - now you can have the complete text of The Urantia Book at your disposal and in your pocket or purse for quick reference, and for reading whenever you feel moved! You can share the book with friends, family, and people you meet who have an iPhone or iPod Touch just by letting them know about this free and highly accessible resource.

We wish to give a heartfelt thank you to the imaginative mind and dedicated heart of our fellow reader/sojourner who has provided this valuable tool for the readership, and to the Urantia Foundation for permitting the translations to be included!


The Truthbook Team