Fishers of Men - A new painting

Fishers of Men

- A new painting inspired by The Urantia Book

Dear TruthBook Friends and Family,

We're so happy to share a new and beautiful Jesus painting with you. This one is called Fishers of Men, and is another lovely example of artist Michael Dudash's expertise, whose name you may recall as one of the talented and gifted portrayers of Jesus' life as revealed in The Bible and The Urantia Book. In this scene, we see the twelve apostles on either side of Jesus as they gather on the shores of the Sea of Gallilee near sunset.

Fishers of Men by Michael Dudash

Here's the story:

“[Jesus said:] “We will remain here by the sea two weeks and fish or do whatever our hands find to do; and in the meantime, under the guidance of Andrew, the first chosen apostle, you shall so organize yourselves as to provide for everything needful in your future work, both for the present personal ministry and also when I shall subsequently ordain you to preach the gospel and instruct believers.” They were all greatly cheered by these words; this was their first clear-cut and positive intimation that Jesus designed later on to enter upon more aggressive and pretentious public efforts.

“The apostles spent the remainder of the day perfecting their organization and completing arrangements for boats and nets for embarking on the morrow’s fishing as they had all decided to devote themselves to fishing; most of them had been fishermen, even Jesus was an experienced boatman and fisherman. Many of the boats which they used the next few years had been built by Jesus’ own hands. And they were good and trustworthy boats.

“Jesus enjoined them to devote themselves to fishing for two weeks, adding, “And then will you go forth to become fishers of men.” They fished in three groups, Jesus going out with a different group each night. And they all so much enjoyed Jesus! He was a good fisherman, a cheerful companion, and an inspiring friend; the more they worked with him, the more they loved him. Said Matthew one day: “The more you understand some people, the less you admire them, but of this man, even the less I comprehend him, the more I love him.”

“This plan of fishing two weeks and going out to do personal work in behalf of the kingdom for two weeks was followed for more than five months, even to the end of this year of A.D. 26, until after the cessation of those special persecutions which had been directed against John’s disciples subsequent to his imprisonment.” ~ The Urantia Book, 138:7.4

Can you imagine going out fishing with Jesus? Such was the life that the apostles lived with the Master. He was one of them, as he is one of us, and just as they enjoyed his matchless personality in the flesh, we are privileged to entertain his beautiful Spirit of Truth as we sojourn with our fellows through this life.

All of us who are devoted followers of Jesus can also become “fishers of men,” relying on Jesus' Spirit to guide our paths into the ways of love and service, as he once guided the apostles in his earth life. It is by seriously studying and absorbing the lessons of Jesus' life that we can become good fishers. There are clues abounding in Part IV of The Urantia Book - clues about bait, about timing, and about patience - that every good fisher of men needs to know in order to succeed in enlarging the kingdom of heaven. It is a study worth every effort...there is no greater knowledge that we can obtain.

We hope you are pleased with this newest addition to the Jesus Painting collection. We think it's grand, and we have posted it, along with the others, in TruthBook's Religious Art Gallery Please drop by and see all the paintings!

Your TruthBook Team