Easter Newsletter: Great News!

Dear Truthbook Friends,

A warm Easter season greeting to all of you, from all of us here at Truthbook.

This week, as we begin the somber observance of the Master's last days on earth, we can look forward to next Sunday, April 8, when we will celebrate his resurrection. In anticipation of this happy event, the Truthbook team has created a new flash video - "Jesus Has Risen From The Dead."

This is a time when the world is once again questing for the truth regarding Jesus. People are hungry for knowledge of the historic Jesus as never before, and I know that you share our joy and gratitude at knowing the Master, his life, and his teachings through the Revelation of the Urantia Book. We have no doubts. We don't have to wonder. We are truly blessed.

The Urantia Book has given us an unprecendented account of the Master's resurrection, and from that, we have culled some of the most inspiring of all the Master's nineteen resurrection appearances for this presentation - those that will minister to the soul, and inspire all of us to be our best, and to be his light to the world.

"Jesus Has Risen From The Dead" is the result of the work of all the Truthbook team, including the fine work of Mitch Austin and his group, who have once again proven their commitment and ability to weave together the music, pictures and the story in a seamless fashion.

Perhaps you have friends who feel assailed by all the "new" information on Jesus which seems to surface on a regular basis these days. We trust that "Jesus Has Risen From The Dead" will be a blessing on their lives, as well as yours, and we urge to you freely forward it to all friends and family in your circle.

This letter is an introduction to "Jesus Has Risen From The Dead" for all Truthbook subscribers. Click here for a preview of this flash video.

Tomorrow, you will receive - via email - our "official" Easter card, which you will be able to forward to your Christian friends, without any other text, for Easter Sunday and after.

Please let us know what you think about this new flash video. We always like to receive feedback from our subscribers, and we strive to produce excellence - for you, and in the Master's name.

A Happy Easter To All!