Easter Greetings!

Easter Greetings 2014!

He is Risen by Del ParsonDear TruthBook Friends and Family,

Read the true Easter Story

We hope that you, your friends and family are enjoying this lovely springtime season of renewal, and prelude to one of the greatest events of Jesus' life - the Resurrection. This event is of special joyful significance to all of us because of its promise that we, too, will resurrect as Jesus did:

190:0.2 All this power which is inherent in Jesus—the endowment of life—and which enabled him to rise from the dead, is the very gift of eternal life which he bestows upon kingdom believers, and which even now makes certain their resurrection from the bonds of natural death.

Here at TruthBook, we've been busy for a year, making changes and renovations throughout our website, feeling the excitement of renewal as we add improvements and new features for your edification, inspiration, and pleasure when you visit us. Please accept this greeting as an invitation to visit again, as our changes are finally in place.

When you go to our site: TruthBook.com you'll see a whole new look to even the features you've come to know and love. And for this Easter season, we'd like to invite you to visit some of those pages that celebrate the Master's greatest achievement: resurrection from the tomb.

Enjoy our Jesus videos:

Thrill to stories of Jesus' Resurrection, Ascension, and Pentecost

Inspiration to enjoy with the whole family: "Celebrating Easter"

Check out our Religious Art Gallery for these fine-art paintings having to do with the Resurrection:

Finally, here are some "Quotes About Life" (formerly Quote of the Day) that celebrate the Master's resurrection:

As the Resurrection of Jesus is such a familiar and beloved holiday in the religious traditions of many faiths, we hope that you'll use this occasion to share some of these pages with even non-Urantia Book friends and family, too!

We know that you share our joy and gratitude at knowing the Master, his life, and his teachings through the Revelation of The Urantia Book. We are truly blessed that the Creator Son and leader of 10,000,000 inhabited worlds lived on our world as Jesus of Nazareth.

Have a blessed holiday season, and please visit us often at TruthBook.com!

Your TruthBook Team