The Drawing on the Schoolroom Floor - A new addition to the Jesus Collection

The Drawing on the Schoolroom Floor
- A new painting inspired by The Urantia Book

The Drawing on the Schoolroom Floor by Slawa RadziszewskaDear TruthBook Friends and Family,

Today, we are happy to introduce you to The Drawing on the Schoolroom Floor by Slawa Radziszewska - the newest painting to be completed in TruthBook's Jesus series of never-before-seen events of the Master's life. Urantia Book readers will be quite familiar with this vignette from the Master's early life; it is a brief but memorable glimpse into one of the trials that Jesus went through as a young schoolboy. Jesus innocently made a charcoal drawing of his teacher on the schoolroom floor, and ended up having to give up his art altogether as a result.

It is a delight to now see this poignant scene colorfully interpreted just as it might have happened: as the “backward” tattletale pupil gleefully points at Jesus with the apparent approval of the teacher in the doorway, the young Master raises his eyes to meet the wrath of a very angry, accusing teacher. It is easy to see the concern on Jesus' innocent face, as he realizes he's in trouble; and later on, there will be further consequences, as we read in the story from The Urantia Book:

“The most serious trouble as yet to come up at school occurred in late winter when Jesus dared to challenge the chazan regarding the teaching that all images, pictures, and drawings were idolatrous in nature. Jesus delighted in drawing landscapes as well as in modeling a great variety of objects in potter's clay. Everything of that sort was strictly forbidden by Jewish law, but up to this time he had managed to disarm his parents' objection to such an extent that they had permitted him to continue in these activities.

“But trouble was again stirred up at school when one of the more backward pupils discovered Jesus drawing a charcoal picture of the teacher on the floor of the schoolroom. There it was, plain as day, and many of the elders had viewed it before the committee went to call on Joseph to demand that something be done to suppress the lawlessness of his eldest son. And though this was not the first time complaints had come to Joseph and Mary about the doings of their versatile and aggressive child, this was the most serious of all the accusations which had thus far been lodged against him. Jesus listened to the indictment of his artistic efforts for some time, being seated on a large stone just outside the back door. He resented their blaming his father for his alleged misdeeds; so in he marched, fearlessly confronting his accusers. The elders were thrown into confusion. Some were inclined to view the episode humorously, while one or two seemed to think the boy was sacrilegious if not blasphemous. Joseph was nonplused, Mary indignant, but Jesus insisted on being heard. He had his say, courageously defended his viewpoint, and with consummate self-control announced that he would abide by the decision of his father in this as in all other matters controversial. And the committee of elders departed in silence.

“Mary endeavored to influence Joseph to permit Jesus to model in clay at home, provided he promised not to carry on any of these questionable activities at school, but Joseph felt impelled to rule that the rabbinical interpretation of the second commandment should prevail. And so Jesus no more drew or modeled the likeness of anything from that day as long as he lived in his father's house. But he was unconvinced of the wrong of what he had done, and to give up such a favorite pastime constituted one of the great trials of his young life.”

What a beautiful glimpse into the humanity of Jesus! Here we see the Creator of a universe as a 9 year-old child - inquisitive, imaginative, and artistically inclined. Imagine the young Master's disappointment when he discovered that this outlet for his fine mind was to be forbidden to him. He possessed a keen sense of fairness which was sorely insulted by this incident; but true to his nature, Jesus rose to the occasion and voluntarily restrained his artistic endeavors as the result of his love for his parents and his respect for their wishes. This love and devotion to duty was to mark his entire life, even when it meant that some personal endeavor of his own had to be curtailed.

Some of the most beloved stories ever told in The Urantia Book are those having to do with the childhood of Jesus, as any reader would agree.  After commissioning numerous paintings of later events in Jesus' life, we now are turning our attention to these stories of Jesus' early boyhood. The Drawing on the Schoolroom Floor is the first of a new series of commissioned Jesus paintings which will include scenes and events from the Master's early life; so far, the following paintings are in progress:

  • Jesus and Joseph hiking in the hills around Nazareth (123:5.12),
  • Jesus' accident on the steps when he was seven (123:4.5), and
  • Joseph and Jesus at the games in Scythopolis (124:3.7)

And there will be more. Another reason we are writing to you today is to invite your involvement with this project. There are many stories of Jesus' early years in The Urantia Book that would be worthy – and not just long stories, but simple, short vignettes, like The Drawing on the Schoolroom Floor. What are your favorites? Which event or scene would YOU recommend as a subject for one of the new paintings? The only restrictions would be that the new paintings must be ones that have never been done before, and the scene must be one that would hold beauty and meaning for the viewer. Jesus' early life was rich, interesting, and filled with inspiration, and so we are looking forward to hearing which stories you'll choose.  Just drop a note to us at ; or, let us know on our Facebook page.

In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy this newest rendition of a time in Jesus' life that is virtually unknown to the world. It will reside with all of the other works of fine art at the Religious Art Gallery on

We readers of The Urantia Book are immeasurably blessed by being able to share the truth of Jesus' life - his whole life - through the thrilling revelation of events just such as this one.  And we owe it to the rest of the world to include them in this amazing and inspirational knowledge. So, share far and wide with your friends and family!

And don't forget to let us know what scenes of Jesus' boyhood that you want to see on canvas!!!


Your TruthBook Team