News Alert: Corrections And Changes Made To The Urantia Book

Dear Truthbook Subscribers,

Text changes to The Urantia Book have taken place over the course of the past 50 years, and through the course of many printings. These changes, while documented in some places, have not been made widely available to the readership in general, and have never been pooled into a single document.

There has been a good deal of speculation and controversy over this subject in recent years, and so, the Truthbook team has worked together to finally list every change that has been made to the original Urantia Foundation printing, through all subsequent Foundation printings, to the very latest Uversa Press printing. We at Truthbook feel that this document represents both the facts and the truth.

The document is the latest - and most comprehensive - listing of all changes made to the text of The Urantia Book ever attempted. This document was created from separate lists complied by Urantia Foundation, Uversa Press, Merritt Horn, JJ Johnson and David Kantor. Larry Watkins added to, compiled and co-ordinated all of the lists. Mary Jo Garascia edited the final document for

When you study this document, you’ll quickly see that both publishers have stayed true to the original Revelators’ text, despite any unfounded rumors or allegations that you may have heard. Typos did occur, and the English language has evolved, in terms of spelling of certain words. But the text appears to have remained pure, and the meanings are unadulterated.

The ensuing changes are relatively small, considering the enormous amount of text. Nevertheless, what a miracle our forefathers performed to launch the first edition almost error free and accomplishing that task without computers!!!!

The document is now available on the Truthbook site at
so that you can access it at anytime. We hope that you will consider it a valuable addition to your Urantia Book reference library.


The Truthbook team