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We need your story!!!!!! We need at least 150 stories.

Dear friends of the Urantia Revelation,

Have you visited the section of called “How the Urantia Book Changed my Life”? If not, you can get to it by simply clicking: . If you visit that location you’ll see over 40 inspirational personal testimonials about how the Urantia book has changed people’s lives. As you know, learning about other people’s stories can be just the right medicine to motivate someone toward personal transformation. A most powerful example of life transformation by reading other peoples stories happened with the success of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series.

We need your story about how the Urantia Book’s teachings changed your life. We are asking that you reveal your inner life and thoughts to help others feel the saving grace and power these teachings had upon you. Don’t limit your story to the first years you found the book. You can discuss a death in the family and the book’s calming teachings about life after death. If you’ve struggled with anger, looked for meaning in life, wanted a modern view of the universe and the Urantia Book’s teachings helped you, please send in your story. We need at least 150 stories. They work! You can make a difference to others.

You can submit your own story at .

Here are some titles from people’s stories on how the Urantia Book’s teaching changed their lives:

So don’t be shy, send in your story. People need to hear what this wonderful book has done for you.

In the Spirit,
The Team at Truthbook