Announcing the Study Group Portal

Announcing the Study Group Portal

Urantia Study GroupsThe leaders of Urantia Foundation, The Urantia Book Fellowship, and Urantia Association International are very pleased to announce an historic achievement in cooperative service to our community. After two years of design, testing, and enthusiastic support from teams representing our three organizations, the Study Group Portal is now operational. An unprecedented joint sponsorship has been forged as we affirm that nearly everything of real value to the Urantia community has taken origin within study groups, including The Urantia Book itself, born of the original study group: The Forum.

A comprehensive database of study groups supported by the major organizations has been a cherished ideal for many years, but the vision took hold during Urantia Foundation's Internet Strategic Meeting in the fall of 2008. This gathering drew more than a dozen tech savvy leaders, some who were affiliated with reader groups and some who were not. The model of an interactive study group website found unanimous appeal and Scott Brooks, representing UAI as its Webmaster, agreed to design and lead the project. 

The Study Group Portal was built to foster the creation and growth of study groups.  But as an Internet resource, the Portal is something new - a voluntary listing guide that's always accessible for hosts to update, and a referral service that's always available to readers searching for a study group. As hosts sign in and the database grows, those who want to study in a group setting will be able to search for one where they live or as they travel. With an interface and user protocol similar to social networking sites, the Portal is easy to navigate.

The Portal also houses an online library of study aids for The Urantia Book, including the new UAI Study Group Guide. These educational resources will tutor students in their comprehension of the teachings and help study groups flourish by sharing successful models and experiences. The site will soon feature multiple translations, making it truly a worldwide service.

If you currently host a study group that is focused on The Urantia Book, open to all readers and apolitical, please list it NOW by visiting:

Beta testing has been completed so the Study Group Portal is now open to serve the Urantia community! However, it's still new and if you encounter technical problems or have other questions, please contact the administrator. Also, study aids with proven value are needed to expand the library so please submit them.