An invitation to visit the Truthbook Forum!

An invitation to visit the Discussion Board!

Dear Friends,

For many years, has been host to a lively Urantia Book discussion board. The discussion board can be found at . One can also find the discussion board by following the "Chat Room" link that is on the left hand side of all pages at

The discussion board is dedicated to respectful discussion of The Urantia Book and subjects pertaining to the Revelation. Anyone is welcome to visit and observe the discussions, but only members can introduce new topics or enter into discussions already in progress. Membership is free, easy, and private. You can freely enjoy fellowship without ever putting your personal information at risk, and this privacy also affords you the safety of expressing yourself openly, candidly, and without fear.

For Urantia Book readers looking for a new avenue of service, the discussion board is a great opportunity to fellowship new readers, and those who are spiritually seeking.

There are presently over 700 members in the discussion board, and on any given day, there are several interesting discussions taking place. Here is a sampling of the many interesting threads brought up for open discussion just this month: "Eschatology," "When is your number up?," "Mormons and Urantia," "War and Peace," and "Refections on The Urantia Book."

In addition to the "Open Discussion" forum, the following forums are offered: "In The Media," "Prayer Requests," The Skeptics Corner," "Essays & Speeches," "Visitor Feedback," "Marriage & Family Life," "Truthbook Announcements," "In Memoriam," "Questions & Answers," "Spiritual Experiences," and "Service With A Smile." And for those who have read The Urantia Book in its entirety, we offer a special forum titled "Abner's Corner." All of these forums contain topics specific to their title, and new threads can be introduced at any time by any member.

While the discussion board is a valuable and fun resource for students of The Urantia Book, many non-readers and people of diverse spiritual backgrounds are either members, or visit the Truthbook discussion board; all are welcomed in the spirit of inclusiveness and sincere friendliness. Using a set of guidelines developed over a period of years the emphasis at the discussion board is on respect and tolerance, making the Truthbook discussion board an especially safe place for new readers, and those who are spiritually curious. These simple guidelines are available for review on each discussion board page, and are designed to help keep the discussions focused and harmonious.

In addition, the discussion board is moderated by a panel of dedicated readers, ensuring that discussions stay on-track, friendly and relevant.

Please drop in any time. Come visit! You are sure to find a forum and a topic to whet your interest. And we hope you'll decide to stay and become a contributing member as well.


The Truthbook Team