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Dear Truthbook friends,

Of all the blessing the Urantia Book teachings offer us, the promise of eternal life stands near the top. And while many sacred religious texts offer hope for the afterlife, the Urantia Book is the masterpiece that details the circumstances that you, as a faith child of God, will actually experience. So if you, your family, or your friends are wondering about the afterlife, this flash is for you! And for those of you facing immediate death, whether you read the Revelation or not, "After You Die" offers you reassuring comfort and immediate hope. We have done our best to portray to you the assurance, the comfort, and the joy that awaits each and every one of you who love God and who have accepted his promise of life eternal for yourselves.

Shakespeare called death "the undiscovered country, from whose bourne no traveler returns". Death is indeed an undiscovered country to living mortals, one to which all of us will one day travel. What is death like? And what exactly happens to us after we die? We know about a place called Heaven, but what do we really know OF Heaven? In "After You Die", our latest flash presentation, the Truthbook team has recounted the story in words, music, beautiful photography and fine art which portrays this "undiscovered country." "After You Die" is designed to illuminate this mysterious experience in hopes that you will courageously persevere in your earthly struggles with renewed hope, determination, and faith in a better life to come.

In this flash presentation, we have concentrated on the first 20 days after you’re resurrected on the Mansion Worlds. You'll hear about the place where you’ll awaken, a new home where you'll "know and be known, remember and be remembered by, your onetime associates in the short but intriguing life on Urantia". It is a place not wholly unlike this earth, but far, far better. Once you awaken from your transit of death, you gain a new form, you eat and drink, rest and learn, have friends; and most importantly, you're alive!!! Your new life begins over there right where you left off down here. You awaken with your spirit, personality, soul, and mind intact and your worthwhile earthly memories restored.

The Urantia Book describes death as "...only the beginning of an endless career of adventure, an everlasting life of anticipation, an eternal voyage of discovery". There will be no end to the life you have been given as you eventually grow into pure spirit beings. Your life has a purpose; you are part of the progression and order of God's Divine plan of mortal ascension.

We owe a special debt of gratitude to Mitch Austin and his team at AustinProject.net. These fine folks provided a labor of love as they patiently crafted the words and photos into life through music and their Flash presentation. Now sit back, let go of your worries and enter a new universe of possibilities. Please visit often, refresh yourselves with the promise of life on the next world, and share this Flash and revelation with your friends and family.

From your friends at Truthbook

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