A gift for Jesus' birthday


At the noontide birth of Jesus 2026 years ago, the seraphim of Urantia sang anthems of glory over the Bethlehem manger. On this coming August 21, we might well imagine untold angels will be doing the same on high. Let us join all Nebadon on that day to give thanks and remember Jesus of Nazareth and the life he led among us.

If you have been hesitant to introduce your family and friends to his life and teachings from The Urantia Book, here is the perfect gateway book: The Untold Story of Jesus is an exquisitely rendered modern biography that is earning five-star reviews on Amazon:

“Exquisite—Captivating—Compelling—Authentic—A revelation filled with the love of Jesus.”

The book features 106 paintings by 35 renowned religious artists over the last 200 years, including 42 paintings commissioned by the publisher, and only available in this book and on truthbook.com. Many portray scenes lost to the ages until now. It’s a luxury edition, meticulously created over 12 years, and includes resources like new maps of the world Jesus travelled and lived in, a timeline, index and much more—all while very affordable at $19.59 (off the regular price of $29.95).

It’s a coffee table book, a storybook, and a daily devotional all rolled into one!

Watch this short video, featuring the book’s producer, or Look Inside the book at Amazon.

Everyone needs to know this man from Galilee, and in this book, they will find him like never before.

Merry (real) Christmas from your friends at TruthBook.com.



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