O Jerusalem, Jerusalem - A new addition to the Jesus Collection

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem
- A new addition to the Jesus Collection

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O Jerusalem, Jerusalem by Jeremy WinborgThe Religious Art Gallery at TruthBook is growing; and once again, we are delighted to share original paintings inspired by Urantia Book teachings. Today, we are happy to tell you about a new painting by Jeremy Winborg called O Jerusalem, Jerusalem. Jeremy has created two other superb paintings already in the gallery and all his fine works are also included in the new Jesus book coming out in the Spring: The Untold Story of Jesus

Setting the Scene

Jesus was now 12 years-old – or as he puts it: “thirteen years lacking a trifle more than four months.” He was also a consecrated son of the covenant. He had spent the past ten days or so in Jerusalem for Passover with his parents.

This was Jesus’ first visit to Jerusalem in his memory, and it was a significant event in his young life. Adding to the importance of his visit to that great city, a celestial messenger from Salvington appeared to Jesus on his first night there. The messenger told him: "It is time that you began to be about your Father’s business.”

Jesus was impressed by the temple and touched by the beauty and symbolism of the rituals that he saw; even so, the explanations of these rituals were unsatisfactory to him.

As he viewed the temple with his parents, he made observations and formed opinions about the inconsistencies of the Jewish religion. He was sickened by the gory rituals of blood sacrifice and shocked at the evidence of “spiritual ugliness” that he perceived in many of the unthinking worshipers. And many other things that he saw offended the idealistic sentiments of young Jesus.

As his parents departed for home at the end of the celebrations, Mary assumed Jesus was with Joseph and Joseph assumed Jesus was with his mother, so Jesus was on his own for almost four days - a rare period of freedom - which he spent observing and sparring with the teachers in the temple. He asked pointed questions of them and generally confounded “the wise men of the law” with his keen mind. Jesus was clearly inspired to do what the messenger had instructed him to do – be about the Father’s business. He spent his days in the temple and at night he joined his friends Lazarus, Martha, and Mary at their Bethany home.

This time of Jesus’ experiences with the temple priests is well known from our Biblical records. But in The Urantia Book, we discover that there is more to the story.

You’ll recall that as soon as Mary and Joseph discovered that they had left Jesus behind, they returned to Jerusalem to find him. And on the fourth day, they found him in the temple, engaged in serious discussion with the learned teachers. There followed the tense scene of Jesus answering his distraught mother’s anxiety by saying: “Why is it that you have so long sought me? Would you not expect to find me in my Father’s house since the time has come when I should be about my Father’s business?”

Here’s the rest of the story from The Urantia Book that inspired O Jerusalem, Jerusalem.

“Everyone was astonished at the lad’s manner of speaking. Silently they all withdrew and left him standing alone with his parents. Presently the young man relieved the embarrassment of all three when he quietly said: ‘Come, my parents, none has done aught but that which he thought best. Our Father in heaven has ordained these things; let us depart for home.’ ”

“In silence they started out, arriving at Jericho for the night. Only once did they pause, and that on the brow of Olivet, when the lad raised his staff aloft and, quivering from head to foot under the surging of intense emotion, said: ‘O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, and the people thereof, what slaves you are—subservient to the Roman yoke and victims of your own traditions—but I will return to cleanse yonder temple and deliver my people from this bondage!’

“On the three days’ journey to Nazareth Jesus said little; neither did his parents say much in his presence. They were truly at a loss to understand the conduct of their first-born son, but they did treasure in their hearts his sayings, even though they could not fully comprehend their meanings.”

The emotional scene of Jesus raising his staff and promising to return to minister to these – his father Joseph’s people - is very understandable and laudable; we realize that the reality of his mission to our world has begun to dawn on his young mind.

You can read the entire story of these momentous days in Jesus’ life in Paper 125: Jesus at Jerusalem

Jeremy has captured this emotionally charged scene very well; his portrayal of young Jesus is quite beautiful. Jesus looks every inch a budding teacher and devoted preacher of the truth.

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem is part of The Untold Story, the new Jesus biography from The Urantia Book coming out in April. Until then, it can be viewed here, in the Jesus Collection in TruthBook’s Religious Art Gallery.

We hope that this greeting finds all of you well and living in the Father's love; we’ll be writing again soon!


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