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 Please help me understand if we were all cursed to sin how will we ever please God? Do we have to die first to become a born again Christian?
 I'm frightened by the turn toward nativism and near- fascism that's happening in the U.S. and around the world. Why is it happening? What should be my attitude toward this evil?
 In what way is transgender a deterrent to Christianity? What is the motive or purpose of a transgender?
 Why is Nibiru (so called Planet X) is in our solar system and what is going to happen when it aligns this year with our planets? And why do we have a second sun?
 What should be our attitude about climate change, and what responsibility do we have for preserving the planet?
 Why are we on Urantia evolving under such horrible circumstances?
 Before my present life, where was I born? Where did I live?
 If God saw that the world and his work was "good" why did Christ Jesus say that he had "overcome the world" Does something good have to be overcome?
 Can you please tell me about healing in The Urantia Book? Can I learn to heal others and myself?
 Why does TruthBook recognize the season of Christmas?
 How can we remove anger, jealousy and greediness from life?
 Why would a loving God allow animals and human beings to prey upon one another?
 What does The Urantia Book say about unhappy marriges?
 Why are human beings so greedy and selfish?
 Why is it written that Jesus died for our sins? What was his real mission? I would like to explain this to others.
 If we were all created equal, why are some people better than others in terms of spiritual growth? Why are some people "good" and some people "evil?
 What are paranormal manifestations that people experiment with around the world??
 Warning Quotes from the Book of Revelations: Re:22:18 and Re:22:19
 Will God ever give me real happiness and everlasting joy...in this life...or in the after life?
 I am Catholic, Discovering The Urantia Book for the First Time. I have never read a book like this and I am glad to have found it. It is a book of life changing truth! What do I do now?
 Is there any significance shown in the Urantia Book about the Holy Eucharist celebrated by Catholics?
 I know that The Urantia Book says that fatherhood is very important. Does it mean that as a God fearing man, the absence of children might prevent me from achieving adjuster fusion on earth?
 Why did people kill Jesus?
 What's the point of being good and living a good life here now, since God loves both the saint and the sinner?
 Should we be worrying about the Gulf oil spill?
 Before the advent of the adjuster and birth of the soul, what are we? Only human animals with future spiritual potental?
 What is the difference between your spirit and your soul?
 Paper 52 tells us that we should restrict ourselves from reproduction with lesser endowed people. It sounds like God's love is restricted to evolved beings
 The Bible deals with...the Jewish people. What about the Chinese, Aztecs, Indians, etc.?
 Is 21.12.2012 of any significance to Urantia?
 I am not spirit experiencing being human - not human experiencing being spirit...
 If I take the Urantia Book as the source on God's will, will I tell the Adjuster I don't need you, And rebel?
 Is there communication/collaboration between adjusters when talking to another person? Example: the greeting 'Namaste'
 We are told that no mortal or even lower spirit being can survive proximity with the Father. How do we survive?
 I think things would be easier here in this planet if this book could become public knowledge. How come the whole world doesn't know about this book?
 Why do wicked people live longer in their wickedness without conspicuous evidence of God's judgment on their lives?
 Why does God let the devil destroy the life of his creation
 Why do people struggle to believe the noble and enlightening truths in these revealed papers? Our generation must desist from unnecessary prejudice, otherwise, they will miss Jesus again like the Jews missed him.
 Five Questions Re: The Urantia Book, The Bible, and Jesus
 Why are so many religionists caught up in the terrifying "End of time conspiracy theory" at this time on our planet?
 Is it wrong to want to acquire material wealth and possessions?
 How is it possible for a first time personality to even be mature enough, wise enough to make eternal decisions?
 Is it not misleading of the The Urantia Book authors to be so flattering in their descriptions of Lucifer, Satan, Caligastia and Cano? How can these people be phrased as so brilliant when they ignored God?
 I am a 19 year-old male. Is age or sex, related to a person’s potential for spiritual achievements?
 Are the parents you receive on Earth planned according to some kind of guideplan? Some children grow up under very spiritually dry environments e.g. the son and daughter of Anthony Lavey, compared to the children of Martin Luther King, Jr.
 The Urantia Book gives specific examples of the dangers of being impatient. Where does the line go between being inactive or impatient?
 How is one to proceed when trying to discuss Urantia with a Christian, and why, of all names, is our local system named Satania?
 Why do we regard watching pornography as sinful and watching a murder action trailer as morally neutral?
 Will this world and the human race survive?
 Will there ever be harmony between science, religion and philosophy?
 Why is there so much addiction in the world? Does God give us an answer?
 Do animals have souls? What is their purpose here on earth?
 Why did God let Adam and Eve fail if he really wanted a perfect world?
 Will we ever make contact with life on other worlds?
 Is there intelligent life on other worlds?
 Did Man evolve or was he created?
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